Pregnancy Unicorns

Pregnancy is hard – I mean really really hard. Even without having the awful ‘9 month morning sickness’ like Kate Middleton, or developing Osteitis Pubis like Zoe Foster Blake, unless you are a Pregnancy Unicorn, it’s tough going.

If you’ve seen ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’, then you’ll know what I’m talking about – that hilarious one liner from Rebel Wilson about the Pregnancy Unicorn, with no morning sickness, and who sneezes her babies out in labour. I always suspected I would grow out at all angles ala Kimmy K when I got pregnant, which luckily enough hasn’t been entirely true, but my gosh I was not prepared for everything else that comes along with this creating life thing!

With my unstable pelvis, no matter how much massage or Osteo I have, I’m always in some level of discomfort, even if that discomfort is just knowing I can’t go for a big dog walk on a sunny weekend, because after 15 minutes I’ll be aching all over and have to spend the rest of a the day with an ice pack on my back.

And with already low blood pressure prior to falling pregnant, well hello mid afternoon exhaustion and occasional dizzy spells. Yep, ‘drink water’ they say to help combat this one – My soda stream gets a work out let me tell you!

And I can’t decide if I’m happy about being pregnant through Summer or not – Sure, its nice to not have to wear anything sucking in my belly, like maternity pants, or tights under dresses like in Winter, but the moment that sun peaks, my ankles become the same size as my legs.

I wouldn’t give up the nights of feeling Bean move around inside of me (apart from maybe the sharp kicks in the ribs), and I don’t plan on him/her being an only child, but it’s just pretty exhausting work – As I’m sure you’ll all agree with! (Unless you’re also a Pregnancy Unicorn, and if that’s the case then I tip my hat to you and your magic – please consider sharing that magic dust around!).

My sweet, lovely boyfriend did turn around to me the other day and say ‘Hey! You’re a Pregnancy Unicorn too, see!’, because we were talking about how I hadn’t put on very much weight in other places, and the bulk of it was out the front. The fact that he remembered me even referring to this term was hilarious and very kind – but sometimes, like today when my pelvis has my whole left leg aching, and I’m just too tired to be bothered doing much, I certainly don’t feel it!

Do you know a pregnancy unicorn? Or better yet, are YOU a pregnancy unicorn?

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