Gestational Diabetes Testing

Today I had my Gestational Diabetes Test. I’ve been dreading it for ages for a few reasons – And not because I think I have it!

Mostly, I like food. A lot. The first thing I do in the morning is make a coffee and some toast, because I can get realllllly ‘hangry’ (nb: hungry and angry for those who don’t suffer this awesome condition). And if I don’t eat, I feel super sick.

The GD test requires you to fast overnight, go in and have a series of blood tests in this order:

  •  Have first blood test.
  • Drink a sugar drink in the space of 5 minutes – My sugar drink wasn’t as bad as my friends (she had me having nightmares before hand), it was just like a small, clear bottle of flat lemonade.
  • Wait one hour – You can’t leave the surgery, or clinic, as this is a ‘resting test’.
  • Have another blood test and
  • Wait another hour
  • Have final blood test

All in all, this should take you about 2.20 hours. Normally, I would be at almost vomiting stage by now from not eating. This morning however the Pregnancy Gods seemed to have taken a liking to me (which was nice of them, considering I was still battling my awful sore back and possible sciatica), and although I felt tired I was coping.

MY TIPS for going to this test definitely include taking a friend. Luckily for me, my friend gave birth 12 weeks prior, so she knew what the testing was all about and offered her ‘pregnancy wing woman’ services to come and sit and keep me company. She went alone to her testing, and was told off for going out to the carpark after nearly passing out inside from feeling so sick.

If you can’t take someone else, take book or an iPad with a movie on it, because you’ll need something to divert your attention. There was at least 3 other preggies having the same test as me when I was there, all with books and movies. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have banana or something in the car or your handbag, and they suggest having a big carb loading session afterwards to soak up all of the sugar – So burgers are definitely allowed this time! Oh, and you might feel the baby kicking a lot more during this time from a bit of a sugar high – this is totally normal and OK 🙂

Did you take a pregnancy wingwoman to your appointment? Did you find it hard/easy?

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