Pregnancy Massage with a Physio

Finally .. some relief. And I hope everyone reading this who has experienced any back pain, or pelvic instability whilst pregnant can also have some!

You’ll know (if you’ve read my Osteo article) that I have been suffering some pretty bad back pain while pregnant. The Osteo has helped relieve the symptoms slightly, however everyday is still fairly painful. I know that I have limits now in relation to how much exercise I can do, cutting back on doing the groceries alone and getting out of the car with both legs in one go, but over the Christmas break I was in huge amounts of pain. So much so, that my left leg had pain all down the back of it, which is signs of something up with the sciatic nerve. This can be caused by the baby sitting on this nerve, or as I found out, by the muscles in your glutes actually being so tight, that they themselves pinch it.

I knew of Annabelle Dunbabin, a musculoskeletal therapist at Pace Physio in Geelong CBD who specialises in Pregnancy Massage and so I booked in to see her last week. Our 45 minute session was dedicated to my mid-lower back, and mostly on my glutes. At one point she was actually kneading a knot in my right cheek so intensely I could feel it on the inside of my knee – ahhhhh. I left feeling a little tender, but good. The next day, it felt tender but for the first time in about 5 months I’ve had some relief from my back pain! I know that I have to careful with my movements, and I always feel a little sore however this was the best I’ve felt in so long – I honestly can’t recommend her and this type of massage more.

Also, with my BUPA health insurance the massage only costs me around $50, a price I was more than willing to pay! I’m going back in this week to pick up one of their maternity belts, (RRP $30), to help support my pelvis and back and to keep everything from moving too much and causing discomfort. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Pace also have a venue on the Bellarine Highway, in Newcomb.

What’s the best way you found relief from back pain during pregnancy?

pace physio

Annabelle is accredited through the Australian Natural Therapist Association and is also a qualified Lymphatic Drainage massage therapist and holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Annabelle is currently studying Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.

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