Travel Insurance and Pregnancy

First published on my travel website,

I always thought that once you were pregnant, no travel insurance would cover you. Not just for anything baby related, but in general. I’m not quite sure where I even got that idea from (because hey, that sucks!), but now that I am pregnant I have one of those nifty apps that tell you all sorts of things. Like if your baby is the size of a corn cob or a mango, when its ears start moving to the front of its head and whether or not you should go to the dentist (yes, is the answer of course). But it also has a little forum section where you can join and chat to other women at the same stage as you and ask all sorts of questions.

Late the other night when I couldn’t sleep (a corn cob sized baby laying on your bladder and all), I found one about travel insurance and clicked on to immediately share all of my wisdom pearls about how you’re not covered and to get off that plane, go home, and stay as safe as you can – Well I was certainly surprised (and yes, sceptical) when I saw women sharing information about different companies who do in fact cover you while you’re pregnant and traveling and so I jumped online myself to have a look. A lot of companies actually do cover you for most things – anything that happens to you that’s not pregnancy related, covered.

But also, unexpected pregnancy complications that arise while you’re away, also covered. Each company has different stages it will cover you until, for example my own insurer Covermore cover mums until 26 weeks. This is generally around the time that you are recommended to stop flying internationally anyway. Some insurers will actually cover you until 32 weeks, and InsureandGo cover you until you’re full term! Now, these covers all differ and it’s really incredibly important to have a look around, read the super fine print and check if you need to pay any premiums to be covered. Sometimes, you’ll have to fill in medical forms and depending on how far along you are, a doctor may need to provide a note as well.


It’s also really important to note that although a lot of these insurers state that they cover ‘unexpected medical complications’, like Toxaemia, Pre-eclampsia and Placenta Praevia – they will also more often than not state that they do not cover the costs of the birth and of the health of the newborn.

It’s also important to check if you’re traveling by air, as to what the airlines rules are, as if you’re traveling past their recommended date of pregnancy, you’re insurer can deny your claims as well. If you’re unsure, make sure to call the provider and have them go through the fine details with you, to avoid any complications or huge bills. Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you traveling, but always use your common sense!

You can buy Covermore travel insurance in Geelong and surrounds at all Flight Centre outlets which include Student Flights (Westfield Geelong), Flight Centre (Pakington Street, Geelong; Westfield Geelong; Moorabool Street, Geelong and the new store in Gilbert Street, Torquay), Cruisabout (Pakington Street) and Escape Travel (Westfield Geelong). All other insurers can be purchased online, or via phone.

Have you had any experience with claiming insurance while pregnant?

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