Woohoo I’m pregnant! Now what ..

Well this was my thought process! It’s all very daunting and exciting, but once you find out that yes you are in fact going to have a baby you wonder, what next? Here are a few things I found out  in the first trimester, that may help you.

  • Your GP should send you off to get a full set of blood tests done. This is to make sure everything is in working order, you’ll be tested for everything from Vitamin D to HIV. Make sure they order the full set, as mine forgot HIV and Syphilis, pretty important and unlikely things, but it’s a pain to have to go back and get more done.
  • You’ll generally get a script for an ultrasound, especially if you’re unsure how far along you are. This is what will known as your ‘dating scan’, and the baby is about the size of a thumbnail, but will probably have a heart beat which is pretty cool! This scan is also generally done internally just FYI – just so you’re prepared because I sure wasn’t! It’s totally non painful, but it’s not what you imagine an ultrasounds to be, with a wand like machine that’s inserted inside of you ‘downstairs’ to find the baby as it’s so small.
  • You’ll have to option to test at the 12 weeks mark for Down Syndrome. If you decide against this, it means you won’t have a 12 weeks scan, and your next scan won’t be until the half way mark of your pregnancy. We decided not to have this test, but didn’t know about the scans, so I suggest getting a script from the doctor to get an optional growth scan, so you can see your baby in between as it’s a long time! That’s just for the impatient people I suppose 🙂
  • If you’re a public patient, your doctor will refer to you the hospital to start your midwife appointments, and the hospital will then contact you to organise – you’ll be given a date usually around  the 12-14 week mark.
  • You’ll be a hungry, crazy hippo who will have to keep biscuits in your handbag, your car, your bedside table and your pocket because the hunger comes over you like A HUGE CRASHING WAVE AND YOU MUST EAT OR YOU WILL VOMIT .. Or maybe that was just me.

Did you find out anything else helpful/confusing during the first trimester?

Please enjoy this dad meme.

hungry meme

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