King of the Castle Cafe

Prior to getting pregnant, I entertained the notion of opening my own cafe. One rule I would have for my customers would be ‘no prams’.

Before you all gasp, exit the screen and block me from your Instagram accounts, give me a second to explain – Uh, on second thoughts there isn’t much to explain, I just find prams bloody huge and inconvenient and take up too much room. So for this, Robbie at King of the Castle cafe has done the Geelong community a huge god dahm favour and given us not only one heck of a place to get coffee and those amazing chicken creme fraiche baguettes, but he’s provided a space for mums to sprawl out all over the place, and not be in anybodies way – even in peak periods! Aren’t we so lucky that his coffee got so popular he had to upgrade from the ‘hole in the wall’ and take over a huge warehouse? Fake grass, bean bags and pallet seats galore, it’s a perfect place to integrate yourself back into ‘real life’ post baby, by being able to go out and have lunch with your girlfriends, and not have to awkwardly move your new pram through tables placed way too close together, casting your eyes down and wishing you were back at home in your trackies with your nespresso machine because that’s way easier thank you very much!


So much pram space ^

One of my favourite things with KOTC is the ever changing environment – with innovative and ever changing pop up shops plus the new renovation to provide us with a kitchen, it seems to be going from strength to strength. They’ll also give your bairns a bubbacino – another thing my pre hospitality self will have to get over (but its such a waste of miiilkkkkk..), and will no doubt end up ordering for my own baby when we go on ‘coffee dates’!


Robbie even provides a free baby-sitting service while you eat!*

Also, I’m very aware I’ll get over my pram phobia, and to all the mums out there taking prams out to cafes, kudos to you my friends, because that get up looks hard!

*I told a small lie. But he will take super cute pictures with them.

Have you found somewhere amazing and stress free to take the kids out to?

All photos from @kingofthecastlecafe

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