The things you find out when getting a wax (and the benefits of hiring).

It’s funny the things you find out when someone is waxing your nether regions. Should I back track a bit?

Yesterday, getting my regular wax and being regularly late (I seriously think my body knows how much I really don’t want to be having someone rip the hairs out of my body and as a chronically early person, am always late for this one appointment), I had someone new getting the job done. She could obviously see I was pregnant, and so the conversation starter led me to finding out she had a 12 week old at home and we got chatting on things you never realised happen when you get pregnant, and happen after – like, do you really remember the pains of labour after the birth and  is it worth getting a capsule? I never thought so (on both accounts!), as they grow out of things so quickly however the new tip I learnt yesterday makes a lot of sense – Hiring!

hire for baby

Capsules are great for when you’re on the move and your baby is sleeping – As my waxer said yesterday, being able to go out for coffee or just around to a friends house, your newborn is going to spend a lot of time asleep, and getting them in and out of the car is hard work when they wake up every time. But paying for a capsule on top of the 500 other ‘very important’ things you need, can really stretch the budget. She found Hire for Baby in Newcomb, and instead of paying $400+ for the matching capsule to her pram, she hired one for 3 months for around $120.

Every thing at Hire for Baby is purchased brand new, carefully cleaned and safety checked. You can hire things from a day, through to a couple of months. It’s seriously ideal for those big items that babies grow out of if you don’t want to, or have the means to purchase and also for things like going on holidays! You can hire strollers, cribs, highchairs, capsules and so much more.

And the last tip I got before I hightailed it out there? If you ever want to be able to wash your hair ever again, invest in a baby bouncer – the Australian Open with its bright colours is your new best friend!

Oh, and imagine my surprise when I bumped into her this morning on the way to morning coffee .. Is it weird to see your waxer in ‘real life’?

hire for holidays hire for newborns

Did you hire anything with your baby?

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