Little Ripper Furniture Co – A completely, bias piece.

I was snooping around my nursery last night, because a) I love it and b) I was looking for some inspiration on a new article to bring to you, when I found myself admiring the step ladder shelves we have set up and thought, why not write a piece about the local furniture maker who designed and made these?

Well maybe because that furniture maker is also my partner in crime and I’m totally bias – but he’s also extremely talented and makes everything from locally sourced and recycled goods so hey, why the hell not share!

Chris started Little Ripper Furniture Co as a hobby, which has slowly gathered more and more interest and business. Everything he makes is made from recycled timber, metal and other materials and he has a knack for seeing the beauty in things when all I see is a manky piece of old timber fence paling.

The step ladder shelves we have in our nursery are made from shelves found at an old scrap metal yard, and the wood was recycled from a friends garage she pulled down, which he then had milled down, sanded and polished. I personally think they look fab, and give the room a vintage quirky feel, when the rest of it is full of bright colors.


He custom makes anything you need, from tables and chairs, to change tables and shelving. You can even supply your own wood if you like, and have him work his magic. Below is some nursery pieces he did for a couples twin girls bedroom, originally an IKEA draw, he covered with some beautiful wood to give an elegant, girly feel; and another nursery with honeycomb shelves.


shelves 2

And if that’s not enough to convince you, well he’s also a babe who makes me ice baths to sit outside in the heat, and pillow thrones on the couch when I can’t get this 8 month pregnant belly comfy – win!

ice bath

You can find Little Ripper Furniture Co on Facebook and Instagram @littleripperfurnitureco


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