If I don’t remain upbeat, no one is going to do it for me.

After a rough end to the week with the death of my somewhat estranged dad, my grandma keeps texting me worried that I’m about to go into labour. I have to gently remind her I am resting, taking care of myself, and still have seven and a half weeks to go, so I sincerely hope I am not!

I woke up this morning after a pretty disastrous weekend of feeling like rubbish, intent on not feeling like this for the rest of the week and pregnancy. I might be over 32 weeks pregnant, but I refuse to succumb to feeling ordinary for the next 2 months! A weekend of the hot weather we had left my body aching and swollen, and I think the baby is beginning its movements to turn around ready for birth because some of these kicks I’m getting are causing me to double over.

Yesterday, we went for a walk down on the walk which was tough with how tired I am feeling at the moment, but I felt like I needed some salt air and a bit of movement regardless. On the way, we stopped by a juice bar on a whim – If my body is tired and lethargic, then a super healthy kale, cucumber, wheatgrass and the likes all whizzed up has to help!

I’m overdue for my Physio massage, and I can feel all of my glute and back muscles aching and hurting, so this morning I tried a little trick my Physio showed me where you hold a tennis ball between your bum and the wall and roll it around – it helps massage it, because no matter how hard Chris tries he’s a ‘legs and feet’ kind of masseuse (read – the really easy things to massage whilst absently watching TV, bless). I only did it for about 30 seconds on my way out the door, but SERIOUSLY it got in there to some really tight muscles, and I fully intend to spend a good half an hour doing it tonight! So if your also having some trouble with back pain, give this little tip a go, it’s getting me through the day!

I hope all of you had a better weekend than me, and if you didn’t then it’s not too late to turn this week around 🙂 Listen to your body and be kind.


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