Sharing a scare + trusting your instincts

If you’re 34 weeks pregnant and in a low impact car accident, of course you should go to the hospital and get checked out.

At least thats whats I would have told you last week, before it happened to me. It’s not dramatic, some idiot tailgated us and ran into the back of our car – the air bags didn’t even go off. But the back of the car was crushed in a bit, and I was wearing a seatbelt which of course sits right where the babies head is now.

But when it happened to me, after my initial shock I went home – I felt bean squirm a little and when people around me told me I would be OK I listened instead of just going straight into hospital like my gut old me to. I’m not blaming anyone – more pointing out a crucial fact that I learnt about trusting you’re own instincts.

The next day there was limited movements, and by the morning after that I couldn’t feel bean move, freaked out, called the midwives, got into trouble for not going in and was booked straight into the birthing suite for a full check up.

Of course this set off tears, I was so angry at myself for not going in earlier, I would never forgive myself if something had happened.

me hospital

A long story short, I was admitted and put onto some monitors that checked the heartbeat, and I had a button to push every time I felt bean move.

Which of course as soon as I got into hospital, it was like the Olympics were happening in my stomach. After they were satisfied and proclaimed him/her a ‘happy, happy baby’, the doctor came and had a chat to me and told me to never feel like a burden, and to always come in if you have reduced movements, or any sort of impact, even falling over.

I had a full set of blood teats to make sure mine and beans blood haven’t mixed through the placenta (results in a few days), an ultrasound (where bean couldn’t stay still again, but looked ULTRA cute of course), and was sent home to rest.

me 34 weeks

My point here, is again – you’re never being too dramatic. ALWAYS go in and get checked out if you’ve had an sort of impact, fall or otherwise. If you feel different, only you know your babies movements, so listen to yourself.

To all of the completely overworked and understaffed midwives and doctors in the birthing suites, thank you for being absolute gems – you sure know how to make a gal feel better instantly.

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