My baby shower.

Firstly – It’s official. Bean owns more things than me. Or at least in the blanket/muslin/singlet division. Completely trumps me. And gosh baby things are made of such nice, soft, plush materials!



Over the weekend I had my baby shower at my house. My family did absolutely everything, from baking (I’m still eating cakes now – I’m talking, I had actual full tiered cakes in my fridge, and cream filled lamingtons and lemon tart and holy hell how am I ever going to get through it all?), to the decorations, and sat me at the back of the yard with a cold mineral water to do nothing. Before people even arrived I was spoilt and once they got there – well, I am almost embarrassed to say how much stuff I got. I’m talking, people filled baskets with baby paraphernalia from socks, to bath towels (last count was 6 of those) to gripe water, dummies and nail clippers. And yes, I had to ask what gripe water was used for – FYI it’s basically for when a baby a baby has a sore tummy, might be having trouble burping, and sometimes it’s even used for when they’re teething.

11045377_10153032211186418_2885131918064899054_n 10388079_10153032210871418_560495096481924809_n

My backyard was decorated like a beautiful blue and pink hippie festival with flowers, balloons, cushions and of course the abundance of food set up like a luscious high tea.

11010520_10153032212496418_2274192395390629822_n 11024758_10153032211391418_260126040233103224_n

In the end we didn’t even play any ‘baby shower’ games and everyone just mingled and had a great day in the sun! I really just wanted to share this post to show off all of my photos and to say again, that I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful at the presents we received for our little bean! I even got a ‘mum’ parcel, with some skincare from Lush, bath bombs and a bottle of Champagne – So much love.

11015176_10152575100046682_779871558_n 11040706_10152575099901682_2122483614_n

What did you do for your baby shower?  

Cakes made by Juli Baldwin (my mum) who specialises in catering – contact details 0407 378 971

Balloons and decorations from Geelong Party Supplies

Gift registry set up with ease at Motherworld Geelong

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