Rock-a-by baby (and let me take a shower)

One of the final things to tick off our must have list before Bean is born was a rocker/bouncer.

My friend swears by hers, and her 4 month old is usually laying in it when I go over and say hi. Not only is it comfortable for the baby, but it allows mummas (and dads) to be able to move around with a little bit of freedom! While everyone keeps telling me to enjoy my showers now , I like to think that with a little help from my new bouncer, I’ll at least be able to bring Bean into the bathroom with me and whizz some conditioner through my locks – and don’t tell me I’m being naïve until I try it!

I went to Motherworld Geelong because we had some money after our baby shower there, and had a look at the range.

There was a $70 rocker at one end of the range, right up to the high tech whizz bang egg chair that sings, dances and combs your babies hair*

thUESBER3SIf I can’t afford to have an egg chair, neither can Bean. Does this rocker also lovingly whisper Spanish in it’s ear and teach it how to multiply by the age of 1?

I ended up choosing a GORGEOUS neutral coloured Eclipse rocker that was on sale from $119 to $99. From the basic $70 one (which I would have been more than happy with, and am not at all a ‘brand’ junkie), this one just gave so much more – from the bar across with soft plush toys, to the adjustable sun visor and brakes, it is the perfect rocker for inside and outside. The material inside is really soft as well, so I imagine Bean will have a great time in there while I wash my tired, new mumma body!

11022830_10152579097356682_742043691_n main_SteelcraftEclipseRocker

*not true, but they’re insanely expensive and OTT for me.


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