Bear & Bean Cafe, Geelong CBD

When I find a new place I love, I want to shout it from the rooftops. But when I find a new place I love that I realise also completely caters to this new phase in my life aka becoming a supermodel, I mean becoming a mum then I definitely have to share! And since my rooftop shouts probably wouldn’t reach most of you, this was the next best option.


Bear and Bean Cafe is brilliant for a huge range of reasons, and only one of them is the fact that my baby daddy built the spectacular looking bar there (and the fact that it shares a very cool name)! Seriously, there is a heap of other goodies, like:


It’s not often where you can go out for breakfast these days, and have a meal each, a strong large coffee and a big pot of tea, and come away only spending $23. Serious.

This morning I had a warm date and cinnamon brown rice pudding with coconut and seasonal fruit, Chris had the toasted Rueben sandwich with corned beef, house made mayo, sauerkraut on La Madre bread, a strong large latte and a pot of Modern Tea’s Bodycalm blend, and we walked away spending less than an hours wage. Well, an hour of Chris wage anyway, writers aren’t exactly millionaires. Unless you’re Mia Freedman. What a lady.

11047149_10152587954741682_1360717989_n 11026770_10152587954706682_1017944224_n


We saw people with capsules, highchairs (supplied) and prams, yet nothing felt cramped. The space is totally cool, with brick walls, concrete floors and great indoor plants and you can easily fit your little family without feeling like your taking over the room. And there is a space with a blackboard and chairs to entertain the kids. Given that this is a family business, they understand.


It’s located in a carpark. You can get more space than that!


the actual produce

The food is healthy, cheap and delicious. Like I mentioned, you can easily go here without spending an arm and a leg but eat well – there are simple things like vegemite and cheese toasties, amazing granola blends, and even smashed avo with fetta is only going to set you back $9! These guys support local, which is fantastic.


So next time you’re looking for a neat coffee getaway, whether it be with your own little bean, or as a quick mummy escape, I suggest going here – and don’t forget to check out that bar!

You can also find these guys on Facebook and Instagram following @bear_and_bean

They are located in the carpark on Little Ryrie, although their actual address states Ryrie – ya knowwww, the carpark near AC’s Striptease. Ok yep, now you’re with me.


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