Le Monde Entier

As good as ‘Google Doctoring’ in the middle of the night breastfeeds, messaging your girlfriends with babies about the color of the latest poo explosion and going to mothers group is .. My other huge passion is traveling. And before The Bean Bible was even a thought, Le Monde Entier was (and still is) my baby – a travel website where I travel blogged and wrote informative articles much like this. But instead of ‘Is this heartburn?’, and “The best places to eat in Geelong that are pram friendly”, it was more “When I got chosen to film in Bali for Student Flights” and “That time I sailed around Turkey with 10 other travel agents”.

1546013_10151828978086682_23433807_n 10174855_10152035367261682_3918951845851629425_n

So if you’re looking for a bit of change to the normal baby/parenting read then I’d strongly encourage you to head over and check it out, because I am a god dahm funny writer you’ll find some awesome ‘inspo’ posts (yes, I toot my own horn), like the time I was the most inappropriately dressed foreigner in Turkey, getting a working visa and living in a chateau in France, visiting my true love Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant in Leeds, and more.

We’re currently planning our trip back to the UK for Christmas this years, so if you have any suggestions on a) traveling with a baby or b) amazing places to visit then do let me know!


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