De cluttering the nappy bag

NOTE: This article contains very bad flat lays from my iPhone. But you get the point.

One of the girls from my mothers group will no doubt think this story was inspired by her, but I assure you Lia it’s not! Even though you do carry an absurd amount of bags with you ..

Prior to Evie coming along, I knew I didn’t want to be someone who carted around a huge nappy bag as well as my own things. Especially for when I take her in my Moby Wrap, I don’t want to be carrying kilos worth of things as it just defies the point! So my bag is very minimalistic, and I’ve waited a while to actually write this, just in case my idea of being ‘carefree mumma’ came completely undone with the actual presence of a newborn – but so far so good, so here I am going to share what I take with me on a daily basis.

I carry everything in my bag, this $7 delight from KMART. (Can you tell by yet that I love KMART? I wish I could post pictures of my baby in Seed and Bonds but really she lives in KMART clothes because they’re cheap and I’m saving for a house people).


It’s a great size for both of our things to fit, but I used it as handbag before she was born just for myself anyway.

Inside I carry for her:

  • A pack of 80 baby wipes.
  • A spare muslin or wrap/thin blanket to cover for breastfeeding, a wind shield on the pram, blanket for her, or even a blanket for me when she covers me in spew and I realise I only carry spare things for her ..
  • A white towel/cloth for burping, cleaning off spew/dribbles


for me I carry:

  • My wallet
  • My glasses case
  • Some panadol
  • A random bandaid (because I think thats what mothers should carry, right?)
  • Hand sanitiser (cos I’m a bit of a germ freak about some things, like public transport, other peoples hands and my brother in general..)
  • Hand cream, I have an awesome Ecoya one that smells like French Pear and Heaven
  • Gaviscon tubes (pack of 10 for ONE DOLLAR from the Reject Shop – you’re welcome pregnant ladies)
  • A hello kitty mirror, reow.
  • A tub of chewing gum
  • 2 pens (because I need to have my cat pen everywhere I go)
  • Some old receipts
  • My cat

Okay, I don’t really take my cat OBV, but I would if it were more socially acceptable.


  • One spare white onesie for underneath outfits
  • One spare long sleeve/long legs once as a back up outfit
  • 3 nappies
  • One set of nursing pads
  • One dummy (we also have a little zippy circle bag that clips on the pram that holds about 3 dummies but if I don’t have the pram with me, this is handy)
  • A small pack of scented nappy bags
  • A disposable change mat (this is really thin and folds up easily, and can be chucked if  it gets dirty). (And I also realise it is not featured in below flat lay but I was too lazy to retake the photo. Sorry)
  • Sudocrem, even though we barely use it, I figure it’ll come in handy one day.
  • A light scarf that can again double as a breastfeeding cover, or scarf for myself.


Please keep in mind, this bag last me a day trip out for errands, lunch, walks etc but I would obviously take more with me if going overnight or anywhere extended.

3 nappies can last through 3 nappy changes, or one .. depending on whether they decide to pee/poo on the new nappy as you’re changing, and then fill the second one before you’ve got the latches done up!

So ladies – start uncluttering those nappy bags, because god knows trying to carry a capsule and a baby is heavy enough! (Lia, I’m looking at you).

What do you keep in your bag? Do you think I’m missing something vital? Please share! 

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