Mind if I park my pram here?

A while ago I dreamed of one day opening a cafe.

And at the front of the cafe I was going to put a HUGE ‘No Prams Here’ sticker.

Still reading?

Prams are annoying. Prams and huge and inconvenient. Prams can get in the way.

And then of course I had Evie and quickly realised that a pram was one of the only ways to take her around with me. Sure, I have my Moby wrap, but that involves taking her out of her capsule, and if she is asleep, or if we have walked a fair distance to get to said destination, this isn’t always the most feasible idea.

When I was pregnant I remember speaking to Robbie from King of the Castle cafe who said an old manager once said to him (and I dare not quote, but along these lines) “You never know how long it took this mum to gather the courage and motivation to get her and baby out of the house to come from a coffee. If we give her the evil eye and make her feel uncomfortable, that’s terrible”. Hence why Robbie is adored by the masses of mums in Geelong because not only does he had a huge venue, but prams are always welcome, and you see plenty a mums group on the fake grass outside in summer, enjoying a coffee and some tummy time!

Recently I met up with a friend for coffee and we were asked to leave our prams outside. With our tiny babies snugly asleep, the wind freezing, and the venue empty, we were pretty shocked and in hindsight should have left, but instead it prompted me to come up with a list for you, for pram friendly venues. And to me, pram friendly doesn’t mean being unreasonable and making life difficult for other patrons, but if a pram is (as much as possible) neatly tucked away, who is going to turn away a paying customer?

in geelong.

city mini


Of course these guys have to be up there. Recently reno’d, KOTC has all of the space.

Sit outside in the sun underneath huge planters boxes of trees, or inside in a booth or communal table and enjoy the new menu. These guys will always make you feel welcome, and I highly recommend the Kings Benedict on a bagel. And a soy latte. And if you’re crazy enough to queue at 7am on a Friday morning, the renowned cronuts sell out in record time.


Recommended by an Instagram friend of TBB, these guys ‘have always been great with bubba!’.

With an awesome raw, vegan and paleo range of food as well as the normal naughties, you’ll be stuck for choice.


A favourite of mine, these guys are tucked away in the carpark of Little Ryrie Street. Self described as pram friendly, and with lots of space inside and big communal table outside, you’ll be sure to feel welcome. The best thing is the seriously well priced healthy meals, and the very good looking bar. (Made by my baby daddy of course).


Didn’t think you’d see a brewery on the list did you? But this is one of the biggest places going around, people actually hold mothers groups meetings here! So much space indoor and out, a great menu, delicious beer on tap and of course coffee..




Another recommendation, Mt Dunned quickly followed up with a comment of their own – “We welcome prams, kids, families singles, basically anyone! Heaps of space and no evil eyes”.

And what better place to talk about lack of sleep and pooey nappies, that one that makes wine.


Recommended on Instagram to us, located on the esplanade Cafe Moby offer a full menu from breakfast through to dinner, including vegetarian and Italian dishes.

Reviewed on their social media, one happy customer stated ‘best bubbachino ever!’


Described as ‘very cruisy about all things baby’, this is a ‘sophisticated restaurant in a beachside setting’. Another venue on the Esplanade, there is lots of indoor space for prams and is perfect for before or after a walk along the beach. These guys also have a kids menu.


“The Farmer’s Place is a small working farm, cafe and market place on the Anglesea Rd, Freshwater Creek.

Alongside our cafe, you will find our market which acts as a consolidated farm gate for local farmers and producers to sell their goods. You will find locally produced fruit, vegetables and herbs, meat, dairy, jams and condiments.”

And they serve wine 🙂

the bellarine

mountain buggy


Ah yes .. Another venue who’s primary function is alcohol. Another one recommended by parents. Am I seeing a trend here?

Jokes aside, the Flying Brick is a sister venue to Leura Park Winery and is owned by some very cool cats.

“Think innovate space, a spectacular al fresco and lawn area, a tasting paddle of ciders, great food, the best Bellarine wines around, a solid selection of beer, fair trade coffee. .”

winery heaven

The Bellarine is host to many a winery – Jack Rabbit, Leura Park, Terindah and more. Perfect for families, generally with lots of grass space to play on and room to move inside.

Non foody venues


Great Homewares and Gifts – for everyone!

“They’re so kind and welcoming in Sas that they even have a cute little kids corner while you browse their gorge bits and pieces!” . Huzzah!

NB: While these venues are rated pram friendly by myself or readers of The Bean Bible, changing facilities and other ‘child friendly’ attributes have not been included and reviewed.

If you’d like to let us know about another venue we need to add to the list, please email madelinbaldwin@yahoo.com with the details!

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