Early teething is sh*t

Welcome teeth. Please go back to where you came from and don’t return. Yes, I’ll happily have a gappy gummy baby if I don’t ever have to watch her in pain again!

When babies have immunisations it breaks your heart. But it’s a planned once off. Teething on the other hand is the absolute pits and takes a while to even figure out. Especially if your baby is not even 3 months old and has been having ‘teething problems’ for around 3 weeks now.

How do I know its teething?

Well I didn’t. But the tell tale signs started to show – Screaming red cheeks. Screaming in general. Over the top gnawing on hands. Ripping on and off the boob and bottle after every 3 sucks in pain. Disgusting green sloppy ‘teething’ poo.

Babies can start to have teething pains from early on, and without the actual cutting of teeth. The teeth can move under the gums causing pain, and this is what has been happening with Evie.

solving the pain

It’s not easy. Baby panadol (her) and espresso martinis (me) have been consumed.

I have found relief in what I like to call baby cocaine. It’s not as bad as it sounds promise, it’s actually complete other end of the spectrum – It’s a homeopathic remedy called Teetha. It comes in a packet of 16 sachets of white powder (hence my name for it), and you tip it into the mouth for it to dissolve. You can even give it a quick rub on her gums. Then, I usually chuck in a nipple, bottle or dummy just to get her sucking and let the powder work its magic. Honestly, she even sucks at the packet now, knowing relief will come. It’s immediate, and amazing.


The active ingredient in this is Chamomillia 6c, which is also the active ingredient in Brauer, another liquid remedy.


Bonjela is an age old gel for babies gums, recommended for ages 4 months and up – The pharmacist advised me I could use small sparing amounts on Evie, and I have a few times however it smells horrendously like aniseed and she screws her face up like nothing else!


Evie has even had flare ups of baby eczema, and it’s just not fair on her tiny little body – and if all else fails, run a bath and have a glass of wine while your partner has a little baby daddy bonding time 😉

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