Siblings, bonds and babies.

Published in the Winter 2015 Ruby Magazine.

Growing up, I’m sure my mum kept waiting and waiting for my sister and I to stop fighting and get along. Don’t get me wrong, we never hated each other nor really fought ‘badly’, but I was (am..) the older, louder, overachieving ‘look at me’ sister, and she was my annoying, clothes stealing, follow me and my best friend around little sister. My mum said she idolised me, and told her that I envied her, but even her gentle intervention wouldn’t stop a screaming match especially in the teenage years! It doesn’t help that we are only 21 months apart either. And everyone knows that as the oldest sibling you have to break through all of the rules, and then the younger ones end up having it much easier – No going to the movies unchaperoned, no mobile phone, no parties and especially no more than 1 vodka cruiser just because Danielle’s mum lets her have 4 does not mean you can, thank you very much! And then the second child comes along and suddenly it’s like, oh look at your fake I.D you have at 16, isn’t that cute! (Insert angry red emoji here).

But when we get along, we really get along. Because really, no one understands or ‘gets’ me more than her, not even my own boyfriend!

No one else sings the harmonies and back ups to my main verse, or selflessly pays for lunch, clothes and basically anything else as soon as she comes into any money. No one comes over and colours my hair with a supermarket pack, even though she is a hairdresser and it kills her to do so. And no one, I mean NO one, can sit and rat on our brother, or tell anecdotes about our hippie mum more than her.


Anni & Evie 

So when I got pregnant, she was excited. More so when I began to show, and she helped mum plan and run my baby shower. But she wasn’t overbearing, didn’t call and see how I was going and didn’t show a HUGE amount of understanding to what I was going through – because who can blame her, if you haven’t been pregnant before its a bit hard ‘get it’. But the moment Evie arrived, everything changed.

I’ve never hung out with my sister than now – and even though I know its really is purely for the chance to cuddle Evie, I’m fine with that! Because I have never seen someone take to a newborn like a duck to water, than her. She calls and comes around most days, changes nappies, lets Evie fall asleep on top of her for hours, poses her for SnapChats to all of her friends, and even floods her own Instagram (I did try telling her she would lose followers .. not everyone likes being #babyspammed, weird right?!). The best though is listening to her make up songs for Evie, who at 6 weeks is very alert and smiley, but has no idea what Anni is singing. The latest song goes something like this “ Ohhh, da boobies and da babies, do you want da boobies little chubby bubba”, with hand antics and some sweeeeet mouth percussion. It’s quite impressive, really.


Who looked after my precious baby for my first night out for a drink with the girls? Anni. She totally indulged me by sending me photos and even a cheeky FaceTime to see my babe while I had a drink with the girls from work for end of month celebrations. And as we sat around, with my desperately trying not to over mention my baby and ‘be a cool adult drinking espresso martinis’ the conversation turned to babies, and their nieces and nephews. The girls gushed and spoke about how much they adore their own nephews, and it really connected to me about how strong a bond is between siblings and then leading on, to their children. You spend you whole life growing up together and then suddenly there is a mini version of them – and if anyone was going to stay home with my baby for my first few hours away, I wouldn’t have picked anyone else but my own sister. Oh and maybe Evies father.


Oh modern technology .. 

Oh and Mum, don’t worry I get it. Evie Louise will be locked in some sort of man made prison tower until she is ‘of age’. Of age being 25. And I do NOT care how many UDL’s Stephanies Mum allows her to take out, ‘because Stephanie is not my child and I don’t have to worry about her!’.

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