Pump, pump pump it up.

When Chris went to get a breast pump for me, Evie was not quite 10 days old. I remember because I was sitting at her first awful photo shoot when he called me and said we didn’t have enough money in the account and could I transfer some. Knowing we had quite a bit in there, I asked how much he was spending .. $270! I was shocked, but in a new baby haze and just transferred it. If I had of been more alive, I would have said absolutely no way, no how mister get a cheaper one, but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s a bloody good pump.


Chris chose the Medela one, with all the trimmings. Of course, he likes to always make sure we have the best things and he wasn’t getting some second rate pump for his new baby!

I like the Medela pump – I like that it comes with bottles and teets and other handy things like a sterilising bag for the microwave. Chris also brought extra bottles and teets of course, which again came in handy when I started to use them more often.

The Medela pump has an initial setting that pumps your boobs in quick succession to get the milk flowing. It then goes into a deeper, slower suck automatically and you can increase the ‘volume’ or pressure of this. It’s super easy to clean, the bottles are really good quality and it also comes with microwave and freezing bags.

I recently got to try the new Avent ‘natural’ pump (stay tuned for more on this), and quite liked the change up. I have a friend who also uses the hand pump version which I thought looked awfully hard until I actually saw her use it – I swear she got more milk in 30 seconds that I did in 5 minutes with a wall pump!


What breast pump do you use? Which one has been most effective for you?

You can get the Medela Breast Pump from Chemist Warehouse, and Baby Bunting (Waurn Ponds).

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