#SVDCBodyLove Series

Last week I was photographed in the lovely comfort of my own home, mostly nude (sometimes semi) for the #SVDCBodyLove series.

Stevie contacted me after I wrote my body love post about loving my body post partum and asked me to take part in the series which will be exhibited on International Womens Days next March at The Geelong Club.

Um woah, yes! I thought initially. Then as she is on her way to my house and I realise I haven’t waxed, done my regrowth or you know, general maintenance one would do when about to be PHOTOGRAPHED NUDE I definitely freaked out a little. But hey. I suppose that the beauty of the #BodyLove series!

Not only did Stevie make me feel ridiculously comfortable and talk up my lovely wobbly body, but her final pictures are breathtaking – yeah I’m tooting my own horn. And hers. And Evies.

Here are some pictures below – In the bid to not have my blog removed due to some ridiculous nanny state nudity clause I have kept the fully nude ones (don’t worry, its all bum bum bum) off here. For now.


Stevie specialises in making people look amazing – I highly recommend getting in touch with her and having a look at more of her work. as an extra plus, if you come to the exhibition you might just get to see my butt.

Support empowerment. Support each other. Support local. #svdcbodylove

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