Babyology review – real mums test Oricom’s Babysense2 movement monitor and camera

So I got to test our the Oricom Babysense2 breathing monitor as well as the video monitor. Lucky right? Yep.

Truth is, I had a big love hate relationship with both and was actually really stoked to be able to give back my whole, honest opinion on both of them.

Fact is – I loved them, and am now a breathing monitor nazi who turns it on even for Evies day naps. This is coming from the person who never used any sort of breathing device at all before, and just had the basic Oricom monitor to peek at her at a nighttime.

Combined with my experience doing the Tiny Hearts First Aid course, and having this breathing monitor on her bed (which Tiny Hearts was very happy with, and totally endorse the use of any breathing monitor), I feel SO much safer and happier knowing how easily I can help protect Evie!!

Oricom Exclusively Mum 3

Here is what I had to say about the experience:

“Madelin from The Bean Bible is the last of our external reviewers to check out the Babysense2 and video monitor. After a few hiccups, like when she accidentally switched on the music in her four-month-old’s room, Madelin was up and running, ready to compare this model to her own, previous Oricom model.

While she found the camera’s LED light bright – her old model has a small red light – there are lots of features she loved about the new model, like the temperature display controls, the enormous screen on the hand held monitor, and the microphone on the baby camera. In fact, everyone liked this feature as a way to comfort their baby using just their voices.

Madelin has “[wanted] the Babysense for a while so it was a nice surprise to be able to test it out – it’s perfect because it stays in one place instead of having to be attached to the baby.

“Being able to know that if she stopped breathing the monitor would pick it up is a huge relief. Being able to move around the house and backyard and take the monitor with me was also great.”

Oricom Bean Bible

As mentioned, I didn’t like how bright the light on the monitor was and actually ended up covering it up with a few bibs and bandaids .. that thing is like a laser!! It gave Evie some restless nights. I also didn’t like the close proximity of the music button, and the microphone as cool as it was as a feature didn’t really stop Evie still wanting me to come in!

The screen was huge, and I loved that – And the breathing device will live on through every nap, and every baby I have! All in all, it’s totally worth the cash and i’d definitely recommend it to others. And the smaller Oricom monitor I have now, is super amazing and has an even further range to walk around.

You can read the entire review from others mums too here.

The Babysense2 and Secure 850 value pack retails for $459. You can find stockists at Oricom.

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