Sleepless in Geelong

Prior to going overseas for month recently, Evie slept from 7pm through until around 4am for a feed, and then back to bed until 6-7am. Heaven, but fairly normal I thought for an almost 8 month old.

While we were away things went to the shitter, to be frank. We traveled around England, she didn’t like the porta cots, we all slept in the same room, and for a majority of the time we stayed with Chris’ family so that meant every time she cracked it in the night, we basically brought her into bed with us. We were tired, we didn’t want to wake people and it made our lives easier until now.

Now, she goes to bed as normal, but wakes anytime between 12-4 (last night was 5 – yehaa!) and after her feed will not go to sleep. She cries, she sits up in her cot and she refuses to go back down.


I’ve tried everything – I’m as stubborn as she is. I pat her stomach. I pat her head. I re-wrap her. I let her cry. I even sometimes relent and pick her up and give her a rock. But nothing, nothing keeps her there and I give up and bring her to me where she literally closes her eyes immediately and goes off to the land of nod.

Whilst it’s cute that she wants to be near us, I need my bed back.

HALP MOTHERS OF GEELONG – Has anything experienced this from a previously good sleeper? She’s been in her own room and own cot since the day out of hospital and we’ve rarely had any trouble.


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