A Travel Agent Who ‘Gets It’

Hi Mummas (and dads).

If you’re looking to travel this year and either don’t have time to go into a Travel Agency or just prefer doing things by email from the comfort of your couch with a glass of wine (amen), then shoot one across to me.

I’ve been a home agent since leaving full time travel work 1.5 years ago (whilst still being affiliated with a store, so you can go in for payments, brochures or for a meeting with me if you need to) which means I have more time to dedicate to each itinerary aaaaaaand you get your very own travel agent without leaving your house. Easy!

It also means that you’ll have someone you gets traveling with kids (we just did 3 countries in the UK with an 8 month old, and found out we were pregnant again!) – and it means I can work around your schedule. Emailing me during a boob feed, or not getting back to me for a few days because life gets in the way is all perfectly fine.

Contact me on madelin.baldwin@studentflights.com.au.



(Just because you haven’t seen this photo enough – glamorous).

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