A stroller for two, please

Today we went on the hunt for a double pram. I don’t like double prams – I think they’re clunky and huge anddd .. I have no choice with the imminent arrival this year of Bean 2.0.

So off to Baby Bunting in Waurn Ponds, where I always enjoy the customer service and variety of products, to have a look at what they had to offer. I actually went in with the intention of just having a look and reporting back to Chris, but we ended up finding such a good deal, we threw some money at them and put that bad boy on lay by!

Firstly I had a look at the City Select (after eliminating looking at side by side versions) and quite liked it – the seats could adjust to go all ways, it seemed easy enough to fold but it felt like I was pushing a bus. SO far in front of this little 5 footer that I was sure I would ram people on a daily basis just trying to walk in a doorway. Plus, once you bought the pram, added the second seat (because unless you buy the side by side, you generally always have the added bonus of paying for the extra seat on top of your base and first seat), AND the bassinet if you want to go that way, you’re looking at $1500. Which I’m sorry, is a lot of god dahm money!!


The iCandy was next, and although I changed my mind before getting to push it around, I did like originally because it looked a lot more compact. Then I found out that each seat only holds up to 15kgs and with a 9 month old that already weighs about 11kgs, I had no choice but to say bye bye.


The Bugaboo was always out of the question, unless my numbers came up in the lotto. Also, I just don’t really like them all that much anyway and find them very low and with not much storage space – each to their own!

Finally I landed on the Britax e-brake and fell into pram love. Isn’t it sad that the highlight of my day was finding a pram I loved AND being able to buy it (albeit on lay-by) brand new!? Parenthood.

The Britax e-brake doesn’t stick out as much as the City Select, and felt much more manageable from the get go. The seats can both come off to fold the base (9kg) down, or you can leave the bottom seat on to do so. You can shuffle the seats, and bassinet around whichever way you like and it takes a capsule which is a must for me.

The best part though is the whole ‘e-brake’ thing. It has a monitor on the handles (you can see in pictures below) that does a multitude of things. It tells you how many kms you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, the time, what the temperature is, how much charge it has left – you can charge your iPhone while your out too, but when you push the pram, the minute you take your hands off the bar, it auto brakes.

“With its touch-sensitive technology that detects physical contact, it automatically brakes the moment you let go—giving parents the ‘ultimate peace of mind’. No wonder it’s known as the world’s safest stroller.”

britax_e_brake_stroller_blue_with_2nd_seat.jpgbritax-ebrake-1.jpgScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.03.21 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.03.16 pm.png

It still has great storage underneath and is super easy to fold and walk around, so we think we’ve found a winner! Plus, it’s on sale tomorrow for $899 including the second seat. Yes please!



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