Dr Christine Fraser with 7 exercises to keep you powering through your second trimester!

Thanks to Dr Christine Fraser of The Health Creation Centre in Ocean Grove for the article for us.

In your second trimester you are likely to be feeling better and have a bit more energy.  As I have said, lifting a baby can be tough work so it is always worth keeping those guns in check, But not too heavy. You really don’t want to have dumb-bells over about 3kg even if you were lifting close to 15kgs – we don’t need any undue strain through the core and pelvic floor at this stage. So keep up the good work with those bicep curls from your 1st trimester. Any questions – ask you GP or birth practitioner as each pregnancy and body is unique. So grab your exercise mat, breezy clothes and a drink bottle and give these a go!

  1. Tricep kick backs (hiyah!)

 X8-12 repetitions (reps) each arm X2-3 sets

Your tricep is the muscle on the back of your arm (aka bingo wing area). Find a platform or kneel on all 4s (making sure our knees are under our hips and our wrists are under our shoulders) . Grab your litre drink bottle (or dumb-bell less than 3kgs). Start with your elbow tucked into your waist and at a 90degree angle. Squeeze the back of the arm backward so it lines up with your hips. Remember to keep your shoulders down


2. Bent-over row (the back burner!)

8-12reps, 2-3sets

You’ll need to weights for this one – so fill up two 1L bottles if you need. Lean forward remembering to keep our butt squeezed, spine straight and shoulders down. Grab a hold of your weights, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the weights up toward your chest. They should almost follow the ankle of your thighs – don’t wack you boobs or your growing belly!



3. Calf raises (keep that fluid moving!)

8-12 reps, 2-3 sets

Stand next to a wall just in case we loose our balance a little with this one. Nice and simple: squeeze your calves and come onto your toes. You don’t have to come right up onto your tippy toes but as high and as straight as you can. Careful as calves can cramp!


4. Wall squats (half way – don’t go too low!)

8-12 reps, 2-3 sets

Now, you don’t have to have an exercise ball for this one; you can just do it against a wall up and down. But a ball during your pregnancy is highly useful and is a great investment to have in the gym/spare room. Pop the ball in the small of your lower back (or shoulders against the wall) and bend your knees – you will roll down the ball/wall. Don’t go too low, especially to start. Squeeze the butt and press up strong!


5. Half lunges (for balance)

8-12reps each leg, 2-3 sets

Once again this one isn’t how low you go; it’s all about how you do it! Take a wide step forward, (toes facing the same direction) and lower by bending the back knee. Only go a little way and then step back. Squeeze those glutes!


6.Pelvic tilts (back and front and side to side!)

x20 rocks forward and back, x20 side to side. Try and do 2-3 times throughout the day.

Keep that ball from gathering dust and sit on it! This one is fantastic to keep the pelvis and lower back mobile and strong. Tilt your pelvis forward and back by tucking your tail bone under and out. Having your hands on your hips can give you great feedback about this. You can also tilt side to side. Nice and careful as being over-zealous may end up with you on you butt!


7. Clams (for that butt and your pelvic stability)

x8-12 each side, X2-3 times

Lying on your side, line yourself up with the edge of your mat so that you shoulder, hips and heels are in line. Glue those heels together and lift the top knee by rotating the hip. You can bend you knees in more or less depending on your comfort level and you may wish to pop a small pillow or rolled up towel under your growing belly.

Enjoy these exercises and feel free to call the health creation centre  03 5255 3411) if you have any questions or queries or you need something that is better suited to you. We look forward to bring you our final instalment of exercises to help you smoothly sail through your third trimester. Happy exercising!

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