Babyology Box

Sometimes I get to review products for Babyology, which is just as cool as it sounds. This time when I got the email about reviewing the Babyology Subscription Box I was really excited because it’s something I had been eyeing off for myself for ages!

When it arrived, I was straight away impressed with the packaging – they’ve put a lot of thought into the fact that mums might be getting this for themselves as a treat, or even passing it on as a gift, and it comes in a sweet white box with a huge box around it.


Inside is like Pandoras Box, excuse the pun. Layers of gifts and vouchers, it was really hard to not tip it upside down because I’m so impatient, and had to take photos of each of the things!

Mine this month included some awesome products, which completely make the $59 per quarter worth it – they collectively cost so much more!

Some of my favourite things were the Paddle Pants by Seedling, the Triology ‘Everything’ Balm, the Prana Chai Tea, the Ruby Olive necklace (which Evie has stolen and wears around the house) and definitely one of the coolest things was the beautiful cot linen.

The best thing about the box for me was the mix between mum and bub – even though there is a lot of cool things for baby in there, mums definitely don’t get missed out.

You can read what other awesome bloggers thought about it here!

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