Out and about with the new Mountain Buggy Swift

My latest review piece with Mountain Buggy was definitely right up there with my favourites! A new pram to test out? A MOUNTAIN BUGGY pram to test out? Sign me up and take my baby. No wait, give her back – I’ll need her for the testing ..


As a ‘seasoned’ Mountain Buggy pram mum (what a wanker) I was pumped to try the new Swift and Carrycot +. It’s even lighter and more compact that the 2011 model I had, it folds with one hand, the space hasn’t been compromised and the new Carrycot + means that MB is listening – listening to what parents are hanging for from a pram.

The new Carrycot I could liken to what I’ve seen with the Bugaboo (without actually having  tried that, because it costs as much as my car). It is a full flat bassinet with sides, hood and comfy padding for a baby (and looks amazing with all the new colours – I got Gold which is more Marigold). The bassinet however also inclines for reflux position and THEN you can convert it into a toddler parent facing seat. Win!


One thing I did find with the parent facing mode was that even though is suggested it could hold a 15kg baby, my 11kg ish chunky mouse did seem to flail over the ends of it – so either she needs to shrink, or MB might need to make it slightly bigger, but hey – for the first time making something, I think they have done a pretty fantastic job.

Head here to see the full review and pictures from other fantastic blogging mums at Babyology.

I specifically like the way they introduce me –  #speaksnoshitbasically – Love you MB and Babyology!



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