Baby love times two

So next week I am due to have bean #2.

I am nervous and excited all at the same time – excited because if I have to be pregnant for one more day I think I might just explode, and nervous because, how do you love another baby as much as your first? And how do you even cope with having two children? Especially two children only 15 months apart!

We’re only have two kids – that’s the plan anyway. My first pregnancy was relatively easy and even though it ended in an emergency cesar, the second one has been a lot harder.

The heart burn and acid reflux kicked in miles earlier – the pelvic and back pain has been a million times stronger and the babies position (though normal) has been a million times more uncomfortable.

Not to mention being monitored all the time, from having low platelets, to having an unexplained bleed, to thinking the baby could be too big to thinking the baby is too SMALL – I’ve been in an out of that many appointments that the only plus I can bring from it is the entire novel I’ve managed to read in that time! A mini vacay right?


Evies first day home from hospital

I love looking back on some of my earlier blogs from when Evie was first born – the emotions felt, the lessons learnt. In 8 days, an entire new chapter begins and I’m really looking forward to having a wine again it. Because even though I’ll be stitched up, I’ll be breastfeeding in the night again, and trying to teach a demanding one year old not to hit her brother or sister, I can’t wait to regain some of my body back to myself, and enjoy having 2 weeks at home with my man love!

Bring on baby time .. the countdown is on.

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