Life-Space Probiotics

As you probably know, we are an eczema house over here. We never used to be when it was just the two of us, but when Evie was born she developed rashes pretty young. We took her to a (very expensive) dermatologist who took one look at her and said ‘oh it’s probably Cats’ and sent us away with some creams.

As a cat family, (OK, cat person. Chris might not love Toulouse as much as I do – and at the time we had 2 cats!) it was hard to seclude the cats to one area of the house, which we quickly realised wasn’t helping anyway. One hot day, it looked like she had been dipped in boiling water with red splotches over her entire body. As with almost anything that ends up being right, I spoke to my mum who suggested taking her off lactose. She was having a normal formula at this stage and because she was quite chunky, it was considered that she had a bit of ‘weight to lose’ if she didn’t take to the new formula.

Long story short, she ended up being lactose intolerant and even though her eczema flares a little with the heat and her skin gets dry more often than ours, it’s 100 times better than what it was a year ago. When Hunter was born, I noticed after a few weeks of breastfeeding that he was getting the tell tale red blotches around his mouth that Evie had, so I removed dairy from my diet.

At the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch recently I met the guys from Life-Space Probiotics – suddenly I remembered that my best friend had recommended I try probiotics for Evie because there are links between eczema and gut health.


Life-Space has such a huge range of products, and when I brought home 4 jars I realised they fit all 4 in our family. There is a baby probiotic in powder form, and although the recommended age states 6 months on the jar, Life-Space advise that it is safe to start from birth but seeking advice first is always best Then there is a children’s probiotics in powder form as well, which I’ve been mixing through either Evie’s milk, milo, yogurt and cereal in the morning. The breastfeeding and pregnancy one is perfect for me – and Hunter, and the Adults one is exactly what Chris needs. The probiotics contain up to 15 strains of premium beneficial bacteria, and are supposed to assist you everyday on your track to optimal health.

Interestingly enough since mentioning the Probiotics to a few family and friends, I’ve been hearing people who are either already taking them, or who have heard great things and wanted to know where they could buy theirs too. Once we have been giving them a try for a few months, I’ll be sure to let you know just how much our health and eczema have improved!

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