Things I’ve done since finishing breastfeeding

I remember the first feeling of my milk ‘coming in’ with Evie. She was a few days old and were in the car and as we pulled up to the house I said to Chris, “Woah my boobs feel really weird! OMG THEY FEEL REALLY WEIRD like there’s something IN THEM!” And as I pulled up my jumper, I was soaked through.


For the first 3 months of my both my babies lives, I am the MILK COW. Seriously. Kids moo at me. Or I moo at them? No matter – I make all the goods! They literally put on a kilo in just over a week. But suddenly, they seem to hit a huge growth and I can’t keep up, and my milk dwindles no matter what I do.

I’m sure the ‘milk experts’ out there will tell me that I only produce what they need, and there are ways to increase etc etc, but trust me – second time around I was prepared and I guzzled water, Fenugreek tablets, Breastfeeding Gold Vitamins, I made boobie biscuits, I skulled the gross breastfeeding tea, I did skin to skin, I expressed – But at some point you have to concede ‘defeat’ and make sure that not only your baby is fed, but your mind and body are healthy. And so, with my breastfeeding days officially over as of the last week, here are some things I did now that I never have to breastfeed again!


BOY BYE. Good riddance to every singlet with clips, and folds and flaps and permanent spew marks. And a huge welcome back, to my Parisian flea market dresses and all of the bright, wonderful, colourful things that make me feel like ME again, and not someone who lives in trackies and magical singlets that are ready for booby business at all hours.


Last night I went to dinner in an off the shoulder top – and my boobs didn’t leak. They didn’t swell. They roamed free like the empty, saggy little sacks they are. And they loved every second of it.


Sure I could have got these done when I was breastfeeding, but when your baby permanently is attached to a boob, making appointments that can take upwards of 1-2 hours is not easy! And, who can be bothered making sure their lashes look good, when all they do is sit home and feed? I left my babies with my mum, got in my car without fitting someone into a seat, got OUT of my car in 3 minutes instead of 30 and walked around with the wind in my hair, all by myself.


Again, a vain one – but I tanned my boobs, tanned my stretchies, felt like a real human, felt GOOD about looking at my nude body and didn’t have to worry about tanning my babies face!

Went to KMART without kids.

Because, KMART is life, and my kids can be bottled fed now so I’m on no time limit.

Drank an espresso martini and consecutive wines

And I didn’t time how long it had been since I drank, and I didn’t worry about giving my baby alcohol poisoning, and I just kinda lived my life like the rad bitch I am?

Do I miss breastfeeding? Yeah, I do – I actually love it. I really love it, and I’ll miss it but I completely never took it for granted (especially with Hunter as he’s my last) and I took heaps of photos, and I definitely still let Hunter suck on my boob a few nights ago to calm him down cos it did, and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. #fedisbest and also wine is nice.

And I’ll never be able to thank Stevie enough for capturing these beautiful pics of Evie and I, in the time we were mix feeding.


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