Smash! Nude Food Movers.

The only thing that we have more of than cat hairs in this house, is containers. It is the container waste land, where containers go to be used, broken, recycled, thrown out, filled with sultanas, crammed with leftover and utilised for bulk food cooking. When Nude Food Movers asked me if I wanted more containers – well lets just say I didn’t tell Chris, the container controller.

I am pleased to say though, these ‘containers’ are the bomb.

We’ve got colourful containers, small containers, circle (yes!) containers, insulated containers, SPARKLY containers and most of all, we have sturdy rubbish free containers.


We’ve got unicorn adorned containers, special antibacterial lined containers, we’ve got containers with built in sandwich seat-belts. We’ve got dishwasher friendly containers, tube containers that screw on top of each other, thermos containers and plain old clear containers.


I love the shapes, I love the clever designs, and the versatility. And I really love that they stand up for a rubbish free world and made each design work so that you don’t need cling wrap and glad bags.

And a final use for them? My kids LOVE to use them as toys – win.

Shop the range here.



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