I hope you guys know that I don’t team up with companies I don’t believe in, and I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t love it and want to spread the good word!

Have you guys ever had trouble with home internet? HAHA. Of course you have. We all have. Right? For me, having great internet at home means I can work from home, not only keeping with with this blog, but being a travel agent, and spending my free time scrolling through pictures of my kids when they sleep. Normal right?

I recently teamed up with Vividwireless to road test their essentially ‘people free’ modem. What I mean is, that having wireless internet at home can be tech free and super easy. The last two times I moved house, I was internet free for the first six weeks – seriously. It was shit to be frank, and meant that I couldn’t work.

When I met the guys from Vivid they told me about this modem – It is sent out, you choose a rate plan you want from online, turn your modem on and go. Its that easy. That simple. No waiting for hours on hold to telephone companies, no having someone come and install plugs in your home, no waiting for weeks so that the internet can be connected. And really, in 2017, it makes sense right?

There are 3 different rate plans depending on how much data you like – and FYI the unlimited bundle is actually less than what I’ve been paying for mine for years now.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 12.21.57 PM.png

With this connection/speed you can do everything you would normally be doing – from online shopping, watching movies, watching cat videos. There is also a promo at the moment until the end of Jan with free delivery so hop to it, if hassle free internet is what you’re looking for this year!

Check if your area is covered here.

4 thoughts on “Vividwireless

    • madelinbaldwin says:

      Not really – I always let my readers know if something is paid or not, and I never advertise something unless I like it. This internet was genuinely better than the one I’ve been using for years (even though in fact it wasn’t supposed to work in my area – go figure), and its cheaper. Not much to complain about 🙂


  1. Paul Buckley says:

    I purchased this product, $90 a month unlimited, believing that it was a partner to Optus with who I have been a DSL customer for 12 years. I did this only after gaining absolute assurance from 2 different people in the sales team ( So called Ben & Jnr ) that when I connected I could then transfer my Optus email addresses ( mine & my wifes ) to the Vivid connection without losing them. Bullshit !!!!! I connected & the service is great, but when I tried to transfer my email addresses I spent a total of 231 minutes ( Nearly 4 hrs ) being transferred between Optus & Vivid customer & technical departments, and spoke to 9 separate people in the 2 companies to be told sorry but we cant do that. Fraudulent advice & advertising, and all the way Optus people keep saying that Vivid has nothing to do with them, but it’s advertised on their site. I am $ 288 out of pocket through being given false information, not to mention wasting almost 4 hrs of my time. I will now have to cancel Vivid and go back to Optus DSL with it super slow almost unusable service, just to keep my email addresses. Thanks for nothing !!!!


    • madelinbaldwin says:

      Hey Paul – I am a blogger from Geelong who had an opportunity to work in a paid sponsorship to test Vivid Wireless modem, as you can see from my article. While I’m sorry you had a rough time with them from a personal point of view, I have no affiliates to the companie/s and only expressed in my blog what I thought of their modem in the 7 days I trailed it. You should definitely contact someone else to talk about it – I’m with Optus myself, and my unlimited internet is super fast!


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