Things I’m sick of hearing from my almost 2 year old every single day.



Like, I’m sorry, You’re not even 2 years old yet where is the Mummy? Why is there so much U’s in Mum? Why are you shouting it so loud when I am right here? Why do you yell it just to have me look at you and then laugh?

2. Uh oh..

Goes without saying really doesn’t it? Uh oh, I drew on the table. Uh oh, I took Hunters bottle away from him. Uh oh, I wee’d on the floor. Again.

3. Mum .. Poo.

Thanks so much for telling me. I appreciate it. TRULY! I do. I’d appreciate it more if you’d use your potty every time and even MORE if you’re wearing a nappy and you’d finish your poo and then tell me, so I’m not unknowingly changing mid ‘poo session’ and having to change you in 2 minutes and a fresh nappy.

4. No. NO WAY.

Although we are KIND of in the ‘how hilarious and cute is this’ stage of these two words that back on to each other, most of the time it is way too sassy and you need to take 347 chill pills asap. Do you want some yoghurt? NO WAY! Ok. ‘WAHHHHHHH’ *REALLY WANTS YOGHURT*.




Things I do appreciate that she says though (and could listen to all [ok most of] the day) include LUH OO (love you), More Peese [cos thank god she picked up manners] and Rorry [when I force her to apologise for once again pushing her brother so that he falls backwards onto his head].

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