5 (mostly inappropriate things) I think about when watching The Wiggles

So Evie has never really been a TV kid, she’s much more of an outdoors lady – which obviously suits me just fine, but sometimes a mum just needs to have a coffee and a shower and a second of peace. And so I persisted with some Disney JNR and she came to love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

One day someone suggested Wiggles and I will now curse and simultaneously kiss the day that happened because WOW the girl is mad for it.

I on the other hand literally wake up singing ‘who’s got the glasses, we go the glasses’ and I use ‘Iggles’ songs to sing Hunter to sleep.


  1. Emma’s mouth is huge. Like, really big. She doesn’t shut it. I bet Lachy doesn’t mind but still. I swear I can see her tonsils.
  2. I don’t care what you say. Simon is CREEPY AF and I just can’t look at him. Why is he singing a song about brushing our pets hair? Why does he keep saying ‘where is daddy finger’ and twirling his fingers in that creepy manner?
  3. Anthony looks bored or stoned most of the time – he’s kind of like ‘I should have packed this in 15 years ago but its paying the bills so YOLO’.
  4. Lachys hip sway when he plays the keyboard is way too gyrating for kids TV. Tone it down mate. Also please get a hair cut. Ta
  5. I love you guys. So much. I have never seen kids so fascinated with the TV screen before, and my belly full of hot coffee and freshly washed hair bows to you and thanks you.



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