Itchy Baby Co

When given the chance to work with Itchy Baby Co , we obviously jumped at it – Evie’s eczema has plagued us since she was a few months old, and though we had it fairly under control with the elimination of lactose, it has been going through a rather large flare up lately. Itchy baby co. has a range of natural products which target eczema as well as itchy, dry and irritated skin.


Combined with some elimination diet tactics from our Naturopath we’ve been using Itchy Baby Co for a few weeks now and things have been going well.

The first night we used Itchy Baby co. natural bath soak my initial thoughts were ‘wow, I expected this to be grainier and harder to get out of the bath’ but the mixture actually effectively dissolves in water.

After her bath when Chris was applying the Natural Oatmeal Moisturiser with organic coconut, he even commented on how smooth it was, with a tiny bit of grit which is due to its raw and unprocessed ingredients and how we only needed to use a small amount to go and how far it went over her body – not something I would expect him to take note of, let alone tell me ha.

One thing we like to do is mix a small amount of the Natural Scalp Oil and the bath soak together, and while she has a bath I rub it into her for extra effect – honestly the day after a flare up, her skin is almost back to normal. We’re religious with using this every night, so Hunter is benefitting from it as well! I also have been using the Natural Scalp Oil as a face oil for myself and even though I have no idea if you’re supposed to, I quite like it! It only has a few natural ingredients so I can’t see why not.


So would I recommend it? Yep, I find it very effective, even if her eczema keeps coming back. Its a 2 fold condition and this is great for the surface.

Portion wise we got through 2 bags of bath soak to one tube of moisturiser over 3 weeks, almost to the last drop together.

We’re lucky enough to team up with itchy baby co. and hold a giveaway – so if your young children are plagued by eczema or itchy, dry skin and are looking for a proven and natural option (or know someone who is) make sure you like both @itchybabyco, The Bean Bible, and tag two friends in the Instagram post!

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