The Sleepy Company


Is anyone else freezing right now? I seriously am. Man, winter gets me
every time! But, in true Victorian Style, so does Summer and you’ll
inevitably hear me complaining about the melting heat.
Luckily for my kids, we’ve teamed up with the Sleepy Company this winter who have provided the kids with new 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 and X-TEND Sleepsuit from their latest range!


Hunter was given the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 and its hands down the most
impressive bag I’ve seen on the market. It comes with 2 bags – a sleeveless
0.5 tog for the hotter nights, and a 2.5 tog with extendable arms.  Aside
from being made with certified organic cotton (so you know they’re good for
your child’s skin and health), the 2 bags can be zipped together to form a 3
tog for the extra cold nights! How incredible is that? The arms can be
zipped and lengthened (expanding to the next size as baby grows!), or taken
off – it also has mitten ends, and a travel ‘vent’ for stroller transport.


Evie has the X Tend Sleepsuit 2.5 tog which is one of the cutest things
I’ve ever seen – it has a bum flap! Even though she sleeps in a bed with a
doona, I put her in a sleeping suit at night time because she likes to sleep
right up the top of the bed away from the blankets. The X-TEND Sleepsuit is
an Australian first invention designed to grow with your babe, so it has
removable/extendable zip arms again, hand and feet mittens, and two way
zippers. The feature I like most is the ‘extendibility’ thanks to the X-TEND
System. Her other sleeping suit, doesn’t have the option to have her feet
out and the legs are super dooper long as it’s a 12-36 month. Being able to
adjust the legs in the Sleepy Company X-TEND sleepsuit means she isn’t
trailing 30cm of material behind her when she walks. Because she is
comfortable and warm, we are finally starting to get her sleeping in her own
bed again which is a huge win for us – who else is sick of couch and bed
sharing with a toddler all night?


Additionally, the Sleepy Company has free shipping and 100 day free return,
which is just the kinda thing I like to have when online shopping. You can
read more and order the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 here and the X-TEND Sleepsuit here




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