Protect a Bed

Did you guys know that after 5 years over 50% of your mattresses weight is made up of skin cells and bodily fluids?

Well, if you saw my Instagram and stories after I attended the Protect a Bed seminar, you would. If not, welcome to the grossest fact you’ll read this week that affects you.


Protect a Bed are leading the way in bedding protection, something I hadn’t really put much thought into even though the pillows we recently replaced had yellow stains on them (the whole bodily fluids thing *cue vomit*). You might have seen them recently on TV showing you how the mattress protector can literally have an entire hot chocolate tipped on top to it, and not touch the mattress underneath. It’s almost like the 9.30am infomercials showing things you just know can’t be true (I’m looking at you knife that can cut through a hammer), except I saw this live with my very own eyes.

Aside from the fact that we as humans sweat up to 1 litre per night, we also as parents go through the bedwetting stages, so protecting our bedding couldn’t actually be more integral to our lives. I personally have the Signature Range mattress protector which has been designed for people with sensitive skin and eczema – absolutely perfect for Evie (who spends way too much time in my bed *eye roll*). It has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and Red Nose (Sids and Kids) as well as the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested.

Protect a Bed also have the LifeNest which is a blog in itself – check it out here.

You can shop the entire range here! Happy shopping gross humans x

For free shipping use code PROTECT10 – you’re welcome!! 

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