Moments when I feel old.

  • You ask the girls about their uni course at work and they tell you the ‘school stuff’ they’re discussing is high school and they’re actually in Year 10. And they’re your shift supervisor.
  • People discuss going to someones 21st.
  • You tell your two year old that she better be grateful about the car (that she currently doesn’t want to get into) because someone people ‘don’t even have cars and she’s lucky’ #mumtalk
  • Your morning face is also your midday time face. And night time face. Those wrinkles are not creases from sleeping and are permanently there.
  • When you go to bed at night you can’t wait to get up and have a coffee in the morning.
  • People tell their child to refer to you as ‘lady’ or ‘mrs’.
  • You asked to change job positions at work because the first one required you to work until at least 11pm. And you’ve usually been in bed for 2-3 hours by then.
  • You finally realise your hormonal hair is just not as healthy or fit as it used to be (also looking at your stomach) and you cut your hair into a mum bob.
  • You tell your co-worker about all the cool places you traveled to and vividly remember (and cling onto) and realise it started 10 years ago. And was ALL pre kids.
  • Your 10 year school reunion is next month.



Paris. Birthday. 22. 10 kgs heavier due only to excessive drinking and 4am chicken nuggets. Drunk in the streets, bought wigs for no reason, laughing with best friend. HAY DAY PEOPLE.


Me now. 28. Pack horse. Still says things like ‘ace’. Likes to drink tea in bed and read books.

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