Readers choice: Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Come any season, there always seems to be some sort of health niggle. In Winter for us it’s Hunter respiratory system and in Summer it’s Evies eczema. Her eczema is year round, but one hot day and it flares like no tomorrow. It also flares with any of her gut health triggers which are sugar, dairy and tomatoes – all of which we are pretty good at stearing clear from but definitely could do better.

I recently put out an Instagram call for sunscreens compatible with eczema prone skin, and I got a great list from my followers, so much that I though I would compile a blog for people to refer back to.

Hamilton Sun

This one was recommended by a few mums, and is the one I decided to go and buy myself today to test on Evie. I am not sure whether her skin actually flares with sunscreen because the combo of sun and sunscreen go together – if she’s outside in the heat she always has a cream on! (I got the purple Sensitive one with 50 SPF)

I’ve put it on myself, and it feels the same and smells the same as any other sunscreen, so fingers crossed we have no reactions (though, as mentioned, I never seem to know!).


This one was the most recommended I think, and rightly so when I checked the ingredient at the chemist today. Definitely the most natural one I have seen so far.

I was considering making my own sunscreen today because it looked really easy but I was put off by the low natural SPF in a lot of the ingredients and the fact that its obviously not lab tested. The last thing my kids need is sun burn AND eczema. I can easily make one of the natural ones (because its good stuff – oils and balm etc) and use it underneath as a barrier for their skin.

Today I purely didn’t choose this one to buy because of the price point, the one I got was less than half the price.


Fellow mum and reader: “My daughter reacts to 90% of sunscreens, but this one is great for her”.

Another reader said “We can only use the sunsets sport (but not sensitive, go figure!)”.



I had some Moogoo Products from pre discovering Evies skin flared from dairy and lactose products. Many mums recommended this sunscreen, but for us I thought it was a no go and would only exacerbate the problem (because I was under the impression the ingredients contained dairy and or/lactose) – however on reading the ingredient list I can’t see anything related to dairy .. Massive face palm moment if so.



Found locally in Torquay surf shops and Priceline, these ones look amazing with up to 70 SPF!



This one recommended by people who are allergic to Zinc!

Little Innoscents


I picked a few of these up last year, and just found them in my cupboard so will definitely be using them again – lots of zinc and natural oils, my only bone to pick is that iI find it super thick and note easy to rub on toddlers as they zip past!


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