Food you’d run a Marathon for.

“Hey there, would you like to work with us?

A food company making things designed to make your life easier?”

…”Yes. Take my money. NO wait, do I take yours? Whatever, FOOD!”

When Marathon Foods and I first teamed up, I was like OK great! I love food, their dim sims are killer so what do I have to lose? But the Chef Direct range, oh you guys. Game changer!


The amazing, in dot points.

  • Delicious food, made fresh and sealed with clever technology and packaging allowing it to stay room temperature, in your pantry with a long shelf life until you’re ready to use it (think, baby food sachets and how they’re made!).
  • A twelve month shelf life
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and no added MSG

Great in writing yes? Better in person. Our first try of the range was last week when we left the kids for a few hours to attend a 30th. Knowing we would eat there, and not having planned anything for the kids to eat I whipped out the Beef Meatballs. At first, I couldn’t imagine that there would be anything substantial in the pack as it seemed small, but when I opened it I could quite clearly see meatball shapes, and plenty of them. All I had to do was open the sachet and heat for 3 minutes – and pair with whatever you like! The flavour was incredible, I was honestly blown away by something that was in silver sachet stored in the pantry. We had enough for 2 kids bowls and one small adult bowl, in the one box.

A few nights ago we tried the Chili Con Carne – again, I was nervous because this time I was giving it to my Mother in Law who makes an excellent Chili, back in the UK. We made some rice to go with it, and I used 2 of the packets and added one tin of tinned tomatoes and one tin of chickpeas (I didn’t have beans!) to bulk it up to serve 3 adults. It was a huge hit!


I’ll be really keen to see how the Lamb Shanks work, because as a non Lamb eater I am really interested to see if they’re beautiful and succulent and I’m sure my testers (re:family) will be thrilled to help judge!



Check the full range here.

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