Back to school with SMASH!

It’s back to school time – whether that be daycare, kinder, primary or high! (Our daycare actually never shuts down, and only on Christmas Day were they not open, thank you daycare gods).

I’ve teamed up with Smash Enterprises to show you all of their Back To School stuff because frankly I have been using it for such a long time now and really love their work.

Smash are the best in drink bottles, lunchboxes, bags and all manner of containers. I love a container in this house, the easier and more efficient way to carry the snacks the better! Here are a few of our favourite things from this years line up.


Evies Choice:

The unicorn bag (Tall Twin case), of course. All of Evie’s daycare bags have been Smash because they’re durable, the zips don’t break, they have heaps of space and the designs are excellent. This new one has dual zips, and feature the Blue IQ Antibacterial lining which is a smart mould resistant lining. It’s available from selected Big W’s now.


My choice:

I  really love the Bento Lunch Kits ($10 Big W) which come with the lunchbox, Drink bottle, novelty sandwich cutter (which I also use as a divider for berries and stuff) and sticker set! Evie’s larger one also has moveable dividers which is really handy.

I also love the ladies Smash Planet Lunch Bags which are perfect for taking to work with me (and they’re made from 100% PET plastic bottles!) $19.98 from Officeworks, and so worth it.

Hunters Choice

The snack tubes! These are brill, a long cylinder shape, it divides into 3 separate pieces for different snacks (and you can use the lid on all of them so could have it as a 1,2 or the full 3 to take with you). I’ve had these for ages now, so the new ones were very welcome. To be fair, Hunter likes anything that he can eat or drink out of, so any of the snack tubs and the drink bottles get a big tick from him! We were running low on drink bottles (seriously why do these go missing as often as socks?!) and now we have heaps of different shapes and colours so no one is arguing.


Some other really cool products I am dying to try are their Neo Lunch Bags made with thick insulating Neoprene – I love them because they’re really on trend, as well as functional and I’d use it as a day to day bag to be honest (starting from $12 at Big W). The Adventure Backpack and Urban Tracker Backpack also look amazing, perfect for our every weekend adventures!

Do you love Smash?

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