The Baby Gap – Sprint or Wait?

I am in inherently impatient person.

“Madelin is very clever but always rushes” was the basic gist of every single school report.

If I suddenly decide that I need to have my hair done, nails done, brows done and a salon cannot get me in on the same day – I’ll do it myself. If I come up with a new business idea, I’ll have a business plan written and the social media handles held for it just in case. And the idea of spending the best part of 10 years creating and caring for babies just doesn’t do it for me, personally.


It’s no secret that Evie and Hunter are just over a year apart, but truth be told if we actually had planned it, who knows what the gap would be. I certainly didn’t expect to be pregnant when my baby was only six months old, but now (obviously) I would never change it and I’m hell glad it happened this way.

The idea of getting up to a newborn when I’ve had sleep through nights for 3,4,5 (plus!?) years? No thanks. I’d rather get it all done and out of the way quick snap. When the idea is discussed for us to have a third it’s quickly squashed because I would want to have it literally now – I’ve come so far since having Hunter in terms of work, health, goals and getting pregnant and putting everything on hold again is a step back. Selfish? Hardly, it would be more selfish to bring a baby into the world just for us to have the ideal ‘number’ of children, when it’s not what is right for us. (Please ignore this entire blog when I end up accidentally pregnant in a years time, HA!).


This obviously doesn’t work if you’re having 3, perhaps 4 plus children – because even with a small gap, thats a hell of a lot of growing and milking years regardless!

There’s no right or wrong – OBVIOUSLY. What works for you – tell me, are you a gap lover? A wham bam thank you mam? Perhaps you’ve done both?


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