Interview with Casey Burrill

Another reader suggestion for a kick ass mum review – once you fall down the rabbit hole of Casey Burril Art, you’ll never want to come out! Her paintings are beautiful, awe inducing and inspiring and I could easily put one in every room of my house. To top it off, she’s also a mum to three including a wee 4 month year old!


TBB: To start things off – Did you grow up in Geelong? If not, backstory? Kids names and ages.

I am Geelong born and bred. My whole family grew up here except for my dad who grew up in Tassie. I have three children- Lexi is 7 (I had her when I was only a baby myself at 23) Mika is 2 and Otis is my newbie at 4 months old.


TBB: Your artwork is almost indescribable – I ADORE it, how and when did you start painting, and when did it turn into a career?

Thankyou! My earliest memories of painting come from visits to Tassie when I was a child. My Pa was a beautiful water colour artist and I remember asking him to paint random objects on the spot. They would always look so detailed and life like. I was only young but I remember the deep appreciation I had for his talent! I still have a piece of paper somewhere in my home with his paintings he did for me. I really need to find it! I have always loved visual art from then on but thought of it more as a hobby. I studied it in high school and informally through visits to galleries and reading biographies. It fascinates me! I went on to study teaching after debating whether or not to study fine art. I am so glad I got my teaching degree, as a profession it is truly rewarding! I was lucky enough to study the visual arts curriculum and practise different art techniques and processes with the students daily. I remember looking at their work and always wanting to go home and try it myself. One day I did! On mat leave about two years ago. I decided to turn it into a career when I stopped being fearful of failing and doubting myself. I began thinking about how far I would be if I had said yes to more opportunities previously. There was nothing stopping me I just needed to alter my mindset.

TBB: Who are your favourite artists, and where do you find most of your inspiration from?

Way too hard to choose my favourite artists! Sarah Kelk was the artist that kick started this whole idea. My sister purchased a print of hers for me and one day I took her print into the local art store and asked what paints I needed to recreate her artwork. I was in the store with the owner for an hour talking about paints and colour mixing. Looking back I’m so thankful for the time she gave me. That was the day I started my Insta page. Other artists include Jackson Pollock, Matisse, Picasso, David Hockney, Van Gogh (all the greats) More local artists include Sarah Kelk, Annie Everingham, Jai Vasicek, Kezz Brett, Kirra Jamison, Zoe Young, Hannah Carrick, Robert Bowers and sooo many more. Any artist that portrays a sense of freedom in their work, has plenty of detail, feels like it tells a story and has good choice of colours! Most of my inspiration comes from music or from nature. More often than not it comes from the ocean just because of its movement, colours and zen like qualities! I will always have music playing out loud or through head phones when I paint. It makes the whole experience even more beautiful!


TBB: If you had 24 hours completely to yourself, what would you do?

If I had 24 hours to myself I would go somewhere really really quiet haha. An island or spa. Complete a session of yoga..get stuck into a really really good book and then sleep for the afternoon! I’ve forgotten what uninterrupted sleep feels like!

TBB: If you could choose any other career path, what would you be?

If I could choose any other career path it would be singing backing vocals for Beyonce. If you’re asking about a more realistic career path I would always choose something in design or education. Editing films/ music clips I find enjoyable also!


TBB: 5 people you would invite to dinner and why – GO!

  • Beyonce- I feel like if I saw her I would forget what my name was let alone why I invited her.
  • My sisters and family- because I miss them when I don’t see them and they’re all doing so many cool things!
  • Ed Sheeran- Id make him bring his guitar so we could write a song together
  • Zoe Foster Blake and Hamish- because they’re bloody hilarious (and they’re children are soooo cute-they can come too)

(I just realized this adds up to more than 5… a couple of them come as a package deal!)


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