Gut + Immune Gummies

Ever since I started sharing the gut gummies I make the kids, I’m inundated with questions and comments about how to make them. I’ve shared it on my stories multiple times but never ‘highlighted’ so I thought an actual blog you can refer back to would be the best way (like my Vegan Bolognese – still amazing!).

Firstly, they’re not mine. The complete base recipe and idea comes from Sarah Wilson, the I Quit Sugar guru. Given my kids are fairly no sugar (especially with Evies eczema) when I came across a recipe for something entirely based around gut health (another huge thing for eczema) I was keen to make them.

I was hesitant to work with Gelatine as I thought I would stuff it up for sure, but believe me when I tell you – these are SO easy to make, and the more you make them, the more you put your own spin on them and get adventurous.

The base recipe is below. The simple way to read this is – Buy your gelatine powder from your supermarket, I get mine from woolies and I’ve shared a photo below so you know what to look for – it’s in the baking section. Mix the 3.5 teaspoons (or altered amount if needed) with water and it will goop really fast.

On the stove, make whatever flavour you’re using, for example I chose the blueberry mix. So I added blueberries and coconut cream (and the Rice Malt Syrup as a sweetener if you want) and let simmer, before breaking up the gelatine goop and adding it in to cook a little longer. Then, I simply whizzed it all up (I used a Nutri Ninja, but anything you have similar will do the job). At this stage, I added in my probiotics powder and my On Guard essential oil for gut and immune health.

Pour into moulds. Put in fridge for one hour while they set. Done.

The last batch I made, I used kiwi fruit, raspberries and coconut milk instead and the result was exactly the same, so get creative! You can also set them in layers and make them look pretty like Sarah did in this picture. I won’t give you all the recipes from her book because I think you should buy it, as it’s worth the money – she’s very clever, if a little nutty (I would not be taking someone else leftover fish bones from a restaurant!).

My kids LOVE them. To the point where I want to email Sarah and ask if they’re having too many. They would eat the whole 3 trays worth if I let them! Oh, and speaking of, my trays are just from Kmart for about $1.50!

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