Interview with Bec from Luxe On Chester

Bec is the Geelong skin wizard. Ask any mum around, and they’ll direct you to her – whether its her beautiful home salon, her gorgeous range of products or her incredible demeanour (or perhaps a wonderful mix of all of the above!) Bec is the one to see if you want to lay down for half an hour and have someone make your skin beautiful!


TBB: A couple of Q’s before we start!
Did you grow up in Geelong? If not, backstory? Kids names and ages.

I’m a Warrnambool girl! All of my family is still there so we do the trek down the Princess highway to visit as often as we can.

When I finished high school in 2005 (my lord that sounds like a long time ago), I was offered a traineeship at a day spa in Lorne. Once completed I worked in a day spa in Geelong until I fell pregnant with Ollie. We now have two little fellas, Ollie (3) and Jack (1) – as you know, its a busy, crazy, hectic time but it’s just the best.

TBB: I should pretext this interview by saying – I have been to see you in your home salon, and your skills are magical! Tell us all a little back story on how Luxe on Chester came about.

Thank you so much! Luxe on Chester was created a little over 3 years ago. My husband Nato and I struggled for years with fertility treatment and heartbreaking miscarriages, so when Ollie came along it was time to do something for us.

I have been a skin therapist for 13 years and just adore it – such a rewarding career but I have always wanted to be a mum.
My dream was to be a mum, to stay home with my children, but also to continue working in the field that I am so passionate about.
Luxe was intended to be a little one night a week, quiet little hobby.. it has turned in to a wonderful little business, booked out 6 weeks in advance eeeeek!

TBB: How did you find the transition from working away from home, to working within the home but continuing in the same field of work? Has there been major changes that you’ve made and stuck with – or had no choice but to?

I love love love working from home! However it does come with some juggles.. it is very hard to set boundaries, having the salon at the front of my house; I am always here! But I have learnt that I need to be a little strict (on myself!) and make sure I have my set work hours to maintain the work life balance as well as I can.

I am still breastfeeding Jack so I make sure I have breaks between my night clients so I can feed him and pop him to bed.
Working for myself, I have loved being able to customise the salon just the way I like it, specialising in skin but also offering many other beauty treatments such as tans, waxing, tinting etc.

TBB: If you had 24 hours completely to yourself, what would you do?

Oh can I just say sleep?! Haha. I would totally sleep in, then I’d take myself out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throw a massage and a pedicure in there and just fully relax and recharge.


TBB: If you could choice any other career path, what would you be?

Since I started in the skin biz, I have dreamt of having my own skin care range. I am so excited that this dream is finally coming to fruition and I am formulating my own product line called Botanicals by Luxe. I have done cosmetic chemistry in the past, so I can put together formulations but obviously I don’t have a lab (if I tried to make something it would end up with the kids sultanas and weetbix in it) so I am working with a manufacturer to create these beauties. I am loving the process, taking my time to get them perfect – stay tuned!


TBB: 5 people you would invite to dinner and why – GO!

Since seeing Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran recently (like the rest of Geelong!) I’d have to invite them, amazing performers and SO funny! I’d have to have Nato and my mum and dad so they didn’t miss out and because I bloody love them.

Find Bec at @luxeonchester and get yourself sorted (for such a reasonable price too!).

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