Interview with Chelsea Dolby

Chelsea was the first woman to put her hand up and contact me and say ‘ Oh hey – Could you interview me?’ which I LOVED. Amen to self love and promotion! Chelsea is a cool chick, whose choice of 5 dinner guests is hilarious, is another skin guru (with Arbonne), is doing amazing things for charity and has 2 children.

TBB: Did you grow up in Geelong? If not, backstory?
No I didn’t, I grew up in the country town of Horsham and moved to Torquay in my early 20’s as I loved the coast and wanted to live at the beach. I moved on my own, not knowing anyone other than my aunty and uncle who lived there but soon made great friends, had a great job and never looked back!! I have 2 gorgeous kids, Jett who is 10, turning 11 in June and Lotti who is 7 going on 17 hahahaha!!! She keeps me on my toes!! My husband (who is their amazing Step-Dad) and I also have a sleeping angel, Winnie, who we sadly lost when I was 19 weeks pregnant, August last year.

TBB: Chelsea, you’re yet another amazing local mum who seems to have a lot of things on the go at once! You’re an Arbonne Sales Woman, and the Founder of the Embrace Awareness Gala Dinner – tell me more about Arbonne, how you got into it and where you see it taking you.

I have had my Arbonne business for 8 years now and can honestly say its one of the best decisions I have made! (apart from marrying my husband lol!) I am a beauty therapist by ‘trade’ and have always been passionate about the industry. My mum has instilled her very hard working ethic in me so I have never been afraid of hard work however there came a time that I wasn’t satisfied working for someone else, not being paid what I was worth an hour and being told when I had to work and couldn’t take holidays so started looking for options to build my own business. I was introduced to Arbonne though a friend of a friend and to be honest at first I wasn’t interested in hearing about a ‘party plan hobby’ but am so thankful that l was open-minded enough to listen about what Arbonne was actually about and became intrigued. After trying the skincare and falling in love with it, plus I believed in their philosophy of Pure, Safe & Beneficial, I realised the business side ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a business and more!! At the time I started, Jett was 2 years old and I was pregnant with Lotti so I could build a successful business over time around the kids, be present with them, create memories together with incredible holidays I earn and open our world to opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was working for someone else. This business has also built my confidence, self-esteem and empowered me to be the best version of myself, so much so that I was able to become strong enough to leave a toxic relationship knowing that I could support my kids and I financially. What is so fulfilling for me is that I can share this gift to many other women and men so they can take control of their lives and empower themselves too!!

COSMETIC TATTOOING: My other business is Cosmetic Tattooing which I have been doing for 17 years. I specialise in eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and nipple and areola reconstruction for women who have gone through breast cancer. This aspect of my business is so rewarding as I am the last step in their massive journey and can help them feel ‘complete’ again which can be an emotional experience for both of us!! I mainly operate from Skin Deep in Grovedale but it also takes me on the road as I work once a month in Warrnambool, Castlemaine and Horsham and about to expand to Colac and Bacchus Marsh.

TBB: The Gala sounds amazing – again, elevator pitch? What was your burning passion behind doing this, and what are some of the road blocks you overcame along the way?

I am so passionate about creating awareness around Domestic Violence after attending a White Ribbon Dinner in Melbourne in 2015. I left this event affected by one of the speakers who was a survivor of domestic violence sharing her experience. See I could relate to her story as I had not long previously been in an emotionally abusive relationship for 7 years but didn’t realise the severity of it until I heard her story. It was then that I wanted to help make a difference in Geelong by raising awareness around domestic violence, share stories and educate the local community so we could all empower each other to help make a difference. I also wanted to raise money for a local organisation who supported women affected by domestic violence so the first Embrace Awareness Gala Dinner in 2016 raised $28,000 for Minerva Community Services. It was at this first dinner that I stepped so far out of my comfort zone and shared my story to show that emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse.

I make sure the event is a combination of seriousness and fun with entertainment, lots of dancing and auctions & raffles throughout. We had Rebecca Maddern as our MC and Jimmy Bartel as a speaker at our 2016 dinner and Dave Thornton as our MC at last year’s event.
Last year’s dinner was also a great success raising much needed awareness and money for Barwon CASA/Minerva Community Services however I did find it very demanding & stressful organising everything on my own so this year I am very excited to have created a committee of amazing savvy women who are contributing towards the best Gala Dinner yet!! So keep Saturday 13th October at Lord of the Isles free……….Stay tuned for more details!
TBB: If you had 24 hours to yourself – what would you do? 
Oh wow!! I would start the day by taking the dogs for a walk around the river then spending the day relaxing on the beach maybe reading one of the many books I have but haven’t read yet. That afternoon I would check into a fancy hotel, order room service for dinner, champagne and have a bath then sleep in the next morning!!

TBB: If you could choose any other career path, what would you be?

To be honest I wouldn’t want to choose any other career path. My passion is to empower people and I love that I can do that with all of my businesses and ventures. I also love that I am flexible with my hours so can work it around my family


TBB: 5 people you would invite to dinner and why – GO!

My husband!! I better include him lol……. No he is great in any social situation and can make anyone feel comfortable and has a great sense of humour

Gabby Bernstein – this woman is my muse, my inspiration. I love her style, how authentic she is and would give anything to sit down and chat with her!!!
Oprah – Once again an inspiring woman. Id love to hear about all the obstacles she experienced especially early in her life and how she overcame them
Khloe Kardasian – I know!! I admit Im a tragic fan of the Kardasians!! I think Khloe is the most real and love how she speaks her truth.
Em Rusciano – She is so funny, has no filter and very passionate. And how entertaining would she be especially after a couple of drinks!!

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