Interview with Courtney Amelia

Courtney Amelia is all kinds of inspiring. I first read about her when a GoFundMe page was set up last year because Courtney sadly found out she had a brain tumour. She is now a brain surgery survivor, ultimate fit mum (and fitness model!) and one hell of a lady. Make sure to check out her instagram – she is the perfect Monday post, to kick start your week.

Courtney Amelia Gibb grew up on the Bellarine Peninsula and has an almost 2 year old boy, Hunter (great name if  I do say so myself..).

TBB: I seem to be on a roll of interviewing just the most incredible people with the most wonderful stories – and here we are with you Courtney – local mum, 3 x fitness model champion and brain surgery surviver. Most people might accomplish one of these things in their life, but if your social media is anything to go by you are a true warrior.


Tell us, during your most down days post surgery, what helped get you through?Definitely my son (Actually got teary writing that) I actually don’t think I would have been as positive as I was post surgery. It was a dark place in my life before and most defiantly after my operation. You are told you can resume normal life after 6 weeks, but that is a generalised surgery recovery. Brain surgery can take 2-3 years for a full recovery. I’m only now a year on feeling somewhat normal, and normal to me at the moment is still daily headaches and migraines.

My health and fitness part of my life has helped but also with daily headaches and running after a toddler, sometimes that part of my life gets forgotten about.

TBB: Fitness is a huge part of your life now, has it always been?
It definitely hasn’t always been. I have always been somewhat active. But for many years my nutrition did not match my training.

I guess I thought I knew what healthy nutrition was but after doing many years of research I didn’t have a clue really. It’s a huge part of my life now, both fitness and good nutrition.



TBB: How have you had to adjust the way you operate your life now, as both a mum and a brain surgery surviver?
Learn to rest and listen to my body. Your brain controls your entire body.

So having brain surgery, my mind needed to eat also. Simple things seemed and was so hard in the beginning. Cleaning, washing, walking, talking was all so hard. I had to learn to ask for help. A lot and also accept the help in the beginning. A year on and I am excited about housework, and going to work. You take those things for granted before something like this happens to you.

I want to do these things now, I get to do these things. I tell myself this daily. You get to live. Breath, walk, talk, train and workout, so washing, housework, cook.  Not “I have to”. As a mum I have learnt to rest when my son does. Sometimes it’s harder than it sounds. I have a lot of guilt sitting there. But over time it’s what has helped me get to where I am today.



TBB: A tip to yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just do you.

TBB: 5 people you would invite to dinner and why – GO!

  1. Charlie Teo- My life saver- literally. My Neurosurgeon. The man who took my life into his hands.
  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger- He is a legend in the bodybuilding world, a sport that had been a huge part of my life.
  2. Nicki Minaj- Just because. she is a boss babe and I just love her!
  3. My mum- Because she is my hero and the strongest women I know.
  4. My husband Cody
  5. And to add one more my little mini me (or should I say mini Cody) because they are both my entire world. IMG_8430

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