Loola Loves Gift Boxes

A friend of mine recently started a small business in Gift Boxes – but not just any gift boxes. No, she collates and collects a variety of gorgeous hand crafted items from other small australian businesses, expertly packages them up and posts them out to you.

From the original ‘Loola Loves Box’ which holds 11 items, she now has a huge range from a Baby Box, Bath Box and 3 mini versions of the original one.


I love these because they are thoughtful and carefully chosen, and beautifully wrapped. The prices range from $35 – $129 so they’re completely in everyones price range whether it be for a gift or yourself (hello Bath Box!).

She offers after pay and currently has free shipping promo (just use freeshipping at checkout), so I suggest jumping over and checking her out – I know I’m going to be grabbing some Baby Boxes for some expectant mothers soon! I also run the Social Media for her, and am highly bias but – how can you not be with these excellent gift ideas?

Find her at @loolalovesgiftboxes

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.16.52 am.png

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