B-E-A-U-T-Y time with Artistry

I love skincare and makeup, there’s something so satisfying about cleaning your skin and then adding 25 layers of lotions and potions (before you even get to make up!). I might not be very good at it but that won’t stop me pouring over anything our Queen Zoe Foster Blake writes, cruising beauty blogs and watching Vlogs. I recently met the team from Artistry at this years Sydney Bloggers Brunch and was initially attracted to their stall by the amazing make up selection.

Artistry is a skincare and cosmetic brand started 50 years ago, and a brand of Amway. If you’re older than me, you’ll probably know Amway (apparently I’m a bit young, and I won’t argue with that *hides wrinkles*!).

Artistry has a startup program where you can train for 5 weeks, attending weekly workshops in a face to face environment at your local Amway Business Centre and become a beauty consultant. The bonus of all of this is, afterwards you’re armed with the #1 premium direct selling beauty brand in the world *and a number of tools to keep you on track and supported as you begin your own business from home!

You’ll have and learn to use the Skin Analyzer Tool that connects to an App and basically guides you to be able to sell your customer the best care for their particular skin from the range. And, from what you sell, you obviously get a commission and so the home business is born! The models like this are out there in different fields (think everyones favourite Essential Oil brand!) so you know that you have the support behind you to make this successful, if staying home and working in the beauty field is a path you’d like to take. You can also check out what other mums who have done this have to say here.

(I’ve also been using the Artistry skincare in the lead up to running this blog for you, just to make sure I actually like the product and I have to say, I’ve been genuinely receiving more compliments on my skin than I have ever before – crazy hey!)

I had the chance to interview a mum, Zennia, who did just this, so you could get a real feel for what it’s like instead of just listening to me spew information that I’ve been fed – check it out below!

TBB: Why the jump into Artistry for you? Do you come from a beauty background?When I started my Artistry Business, I had really bad skin. I had been to so many dermatologists but never got results I was happy with. Then my mentor in this business analysed my skin and made product recommendations for use twice a day. At that time, I would have tried anything to make my skin better. Within 6-8 months my skin started clearing and I was amazed to see results. That’s where my ARTISTRY journey started. My own personal experience gave me so much belief and confidence in ARTISTRY that I decided to become an ARTISTRY Beauty Consultant and immerse myself in the business. I don’t come from a beauty background but with the help of the Amway and ARTISTRY awesome training programs I became a fully trained Beauty Consultant.  When I started, I went to customers’ homes and just needed some bench space and a chair but now, I am proud to have my own beauty clinic in my home.

TBB: How do you honestly find working from home with children and having this business on the side? How do you find a lot of your clients, through social media or friends?
I really enjoy working from home because I feel like I can control things on my terms. The hours  I work, when I take a break,  is all up to me. Honestly, that feels amazing because I used to work full time and know how much I dreamt about staying home and enjoy time with family.

This business is part of my family and routine. Just like planning other things at home like cooking, shopping, cleaning, it’s the same planning for marketing, sending messages to clients, delivering products, it is all part of my routine. My kids see mum working from home and they respect it. They also know most of my regular clients and have developed friendships with their kids.

I have my own facebook page where share new offers, services, information and feature client feedback and this has helped me to increase my number of clients. Word of mouth is always the best way to get new clients so I always ask for referrals if they loved the service.

TBB: Aside from skin Analyser (because it’s obviously amazing and so helpful!) what is your favourite products, or group of products in the Artistry Range?My favourite range is the Ideal Radiance range. It is a range designed to reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin and I totally love helping my clients achieve brighter, glowing skin. If anti-ageing is a concern I love recommending the Youth Xtend range because it can help achieve a younger looking, more radiant complexion and the clinical results speak for themselves.

TBB:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
ARTISTRY has not only done wonders for me, I’m able to empower other women around me as well. I have helped so many other women establish their own beauty businesses so that they can also reap the benefits of working independently in a home environment and still make money.

I see myself in next 5 years as an entrepreneur running ARTISTRY sessions to help others establishing their own beauty businesses from home.

TBB: If you could invite 5 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?

Edith Rehnborg

Tony Robbins

My Spiritual Guru Parmanand Maharaj

BK Shivani

Dr. Shivangi

ladies_with_analyser _006.jpg

FYI, the products I’ve been using are below:

Skin Renewal Kit containing Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C & HA Treatment and Intensives Skincare Renewing Peel. (Total Value $291.  Pack sells with a 10% discount for RRP $230.40)

Hydra V Regime Pack containing Hydra V Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Fresh Softening Lotion and Nourishing Gel Cream.  (Total Value $178.  Pack sells with a 10% discount for RRP $160.20)

Pore Refining Power System containing Hydra V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate and Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher.  (Total Value $203.  Pack sells with a 10% discount for RRP $182.71)IMG_8949.JPG

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