Keeping healthy with Caruso

Looking after my health when I’m busy (and in general) is something my mum has always instilled in me. Instead of telling me to take cold and flu tablets, she would recommend echinacea, hot lemon drinks, and anything that was considered ‘hippy’. Now as a mum myself, and one who wears so many different hats (writer/deli worker/fundraiser planner/content and social creator/mum/wife) etc I can get run down quickly. I know my signs – sore throat, coldsores, fatigue – I’m the first person to ‘pop’ a turmeric drink as opposed to a panadol!


For the last 6 or so weeks I’ve been trialling some vitamins from Carusos Natural Health, and I’ve had 4 genuine results and realisations I wanted to share with you guys. The products I’ve been using are the Super Collagen Builder, Super Magnesium and Womens Super Multi.

  • I started Reformer Pilates 4 weeks ago, and I’ve never been to something so intense exercise wise in my life! I expected to not be able to walk from muscles pain the next day after both sessions (from prior experience in exercise, I get pretty bad DOMS because I’m so inconsistent!), and although 48 hours post I certainly felt my muscles had been in overdrive, it was absolutely bearable. In fact, I felt so invigorated and impressed I kept exercising more and going out for walks with the kids. I didn’t think much of it until I realised I’ve been taking Super Magnesium every single day for over a month and the time release formula in them helps support muscle cramps and aches.
  • Again with the Super Magnesium – I’ve suffered pretty horrific period pain for my whole teenage and adult life, but the last 2 months have been so different. Barely any pain at all! Again, when reading the bottle I saw that Magnesium helps sports period pain and cramps and it was a lightbulb moment!
  • My hair has grown dramatically lately, and even though I have naturally thick fast growing hair, I notice how from one day to the next it really shot through, even my eyebrows! I would put this down to the Super Collagen Builder, which supports nail and hair strength. I’ve also been using a new skincare regime (mentioned in a previous blog) and incorporating essential oils into it, and I’ve been getting more skin compliments that ever before. I would suggest a combination of the trio of things mentioned have really made a huge difference that not only I but everyone else can see!
  • I’ve been working flat out lately – last week I did almost 10 days straight and was so diligent in taking my vitamins everyday, along with a combo of Apple Cider Vinegar in water and a hot turmeric drink with essential oils. At times I felt like I could be starting to get sick, and I just stuck with it and tried to have early nights and I have escaped any form of illness so far, even though my kids have been snot city! The Women Super Multi certainly played it’s part in keeping me healthy. I feel like I’ve been fending off a cold for week but I just keep taking my vitamins and it hasn’t got me yet!



These 4 things have been really big life changing things that I first noticed but didn’t put down to the vitamins (because they’ve been such an ingrained part of my life now), but upon reflection I definitely attribute them to my new lifestyle changes.

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